La The Darkman & DJ Drama – The Notorious L.A.D

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If you didn’t get your free copy of this mixtape when it dropped, you’re a douche bag. When I think of La The Darkman and/or Willie The Kid the phrase “criminally slept on” comes to mind. You want those concrete bars. That shit to make you rewind the CD and then go look for some dirt to do. That’s these cats personified. I waited on reviewing this joint for the simple fact I haven’t stopped listening to it since I got it. Fuck that, I need to be able to just be a fan and listen to some shit like a fan does. Fuck a review, I’m not even a writer and we don’t chase hits at Rapmullet either that’s why we the realest in the game…period.

Who ain’t fucking with “Doing It Again”? That piano is so smooth you can’t help but sound like a “g” over that shit. Perfect way to open the project. La spittin’ those big words too, got cats looking in dictionary’s and shit. This mixtape is packed with lines, bars…that fly shit so I’m gonna do my best to not over do it with the highlights. One of best attributes of La as an MC is the ability to adapt to a beat…a flow. “Chop It For Profit” got that bounce and it’s a trap house anthem too. While we bouncing, my favorite track on here easily is “Hand On My Glock”. I think I’ve listened to this track a couple thousand times. If I could, I would quote the whole thing and Willie The Kids bars too. La said, “Police give me amnesia / ni99a I know the procedure”…that’s that shit! Willie might have had the best line of the whole song tho…”I’m big dangerous…you just a lil weezy”…classic. Hold up I have to rewind that.

Any MC who can spit rhyming Andre Iguodala in a song is a beast. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says. La actual used that shit in his verse for “Feel My Face”. Did Wayne say “soft shelled taco…mild sauce”? Hahaha what a corn ball. If you’re looking for word play peep Willie The Kid on “Dumpin’ the Ruger”. MCs can’t fuck with that right now…word for word he demolished that verse. Literally word for word, he flipped words and didn’t fall victim to the compound verbs like most MCs do today. He chose carefully all while having perfect diction…that’s a master of his craft right there. When I listen to “Verbal Intercourse” I have to shake my head…La said…”my flow celibate…you can’t get none”. This is that anthem for the “sucker for love” cats out there; maybe you can learn a thing or two after listening. As far as mixtape flips go…”Ain’t No Fun” is classic mixtape music. That’s how you pick a classic joint and make it your own…cats had fun recording that shit you can hear it. I’m listening to “Lake Michigan” and thinking why haven’t more MCs flipped “Home Again”? That beat is the shit and La and The Kid bring you back to their hometown, their come up. This is the sleeper track right here.

I’m fiendin’ for a new Willie The Kid project, can’t front. I know Drama got something coming out soon…if not he’s a fool. Dude got to much talent to sit still. As far as La The Darkman goes, he’s one of a handful of “well-rounded” MCs in the game today. He’s a vet and it shows. I love how he attacks a track. He paints the scene early in the song and then thugs it out on that fly flashy shit all while weaving in some life jewels and rewind material. Another MC that knows who he is and what his fan base expects from him and he delivers…it’s a beautiful thing.