Legend – Back To The Basics

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Look at the track list and the title fits perfectly. Termanology is hosting. Notice how his name is spelled people…TermAnology…some cats who claim to rep mixtapes can’t even spell it write. -clever aren’t I? (right). I swear it keeps getting worse and worse. “So Amazing” is a beast of a single. Where’s radio at picking up this record? Where’s the mix show cats showing love? Maybe they need to slide the DJ a Ben Franklin with the CD and it’ll get played. I could say the same for Saigon’s joint “Come On Baby”. Legend slid his man Godchild in on the track and it fit well. So much good music that doesn’t get exposed to the masses because of the bullshit. “Cop and Go” is the anthem. 9th Wonder on the beat, Skyzoo and Stimuli trading bars…it’s doesn’t get more hip hop than this. The sleeper MC outta Philly is without question “2ew Gunn Ciz. “Gunnz To Spit At You” got that classic sample and will snap you neck off into your lap. I got a kick outta “Mouth Music”…Busta did his thing on here but it’s the hook that stole the show. A couple joints you def gotta play the hell out of are “G.R.I.T.S” by Stat Quo. Don’t think I’ve heard Stat as polished as he sounds on this track…mass appeal. “Cops Don’t Like Me” reminds me of this cat who used to cop 1/8s and 1/4s off me back in the day and six months later was training for police. I wanted to throw that cat in the trunk of my car with a bag of rats. Esso and AC get it on a crazy ass beat. I was glad to see another DJ playing Ransom’s “Nightmares”. I could listen to this song all day, it never gets old.

You know what back to basics is? The ability to rhyme coherently while saying something positive, negative, funny, sad, and/or real. That’s what’s exactly on here for your ears to listen to. I see Legend is hitting the MIC a lil more, cutting up a couple joints…that’s what up, it is appreciated.