Legend – I Am Legend

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This mixtape is so wack homeless people won’t even listen for fear of being even more homeless. This mixtape is so wack bald men won’t even use it to cover up their baldness. This mixtape is so wack fat women won’t even use it to cover of their cellulite infested asses. This mixtape right here is so wack that even Eminem won’t eat it and Slim Fast wants to sponsor part two. Get your Slim Fast money Legend!

Seriously, tho, he could have titled this mixtape anything he wanted because the music is truely speaking for the project. “Ups and Downs” is my shit. Joel Ortiz on his MIC game as usual…and the hook is potent too. “I’m a nickel bag of sess in a spot full of haze”…classic. What’s Ras Kass been up to man? He laced “Go Hard” with Bishop Lamont and Royce 5′ 9″. The word play is sharp as ever. I don’t know if it’s just me but the “Star of the State” with Styles P and Ghostface was a difficult listen for me. That beat was cool as a pool in the winter but once that hook hit…nope. “The Wire” by Skyzoo is the most polished track I’ve heard on the mixtape so far. AC said “what if rap had a writers strike”? Good question really, but in this hip hop game 90% of MCs would cross the picket lines cause it’s all about $$. Torae on “Calling Me” should be what every MC should be thinking if you really got love for MC ‘ing. I’m waiting to see what Esso brings to the table in 2008. He’s got that classic Harlem MIC style. Termanology is poised for a big 2008 too. “The Music Industry” is complete breakdown of the industry…but with ill word play. Another MC you’re sure to hear alot of in 2008 is Donny Goines. “Do It For Hip Hop” remix is cool man, this cat is attacking the game from all angles. My second favorite joint on here is “Times Are Hard” by Nino Bless; beat is crazy indeed but its what Nino does over it that matters and the bars are filet mignon. Before we bow out of these highlights and shit, Royce came with that sinister sharp shit on his “Success” freestyle. “I put you in a fucked up spot / like front seat in the beamer with Suge.” Ohhh man and then…”it’s like I need three chicks, one cup to freak this / reach this level of speaking or eat shit.” Hahahaha.

This project right here is like a who’s who to watch out for in 2008 on some straight lyrically type shit. Legend on his game, his ear is sharp and he’s def rocking good music. Two MCs in particular stand out tho; that’s Skyzoo and Termanology. These two cats need to have a break out year and you should expect big things from them music wise. If you don’t think you’re getting what you deserve by the second quarter you need to hit both those MCs up and demand the music. Don’t demand it to put on a mixtape, demand it cause you’re a fan and if this “thing of ours” that resides on the east coast will every be brought back to prominence it’s going to start with either of those two cats