Legend – The Sheriff Is In Town

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Shout to 2ew Gunn Ciz, he’s hosting and featured on this project. No lie, when I saw this cover I thought of Kool Mo Dee’s “Wild Wild West” and “The Symphony”. For you cats not born yet hit youtube for the visual. For this review, I’ll say…”I shot the sheriff but I didn’t kill the deputy”.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. Now while I appreciate cats cutting shit up, Legend def needs to work on that some more and it will be real effective…shit was a lil rough on here. “Cold World” is 2ew Gunn Ciz at this best. I could quote the whole song if you link but you’re better off just listening for yourself. How many cats actual listen to music these days? I mean shit is so fast moving and cats are quick to say some shit is old but are they really listening to that music? Take an artist like Skyzoo. “Necessary Evils” is a dope song, I’ve had it on repeat so I can soak it all in lyrically but sometimes I feel like I’m the only cat who is really listening to this music. My advice to fans is to step out the microwave and hit the slow roaster, let the music marinate for a minute and soak that shit up…you’ll be surprised what you hear…and you’ll become fans of a lot of these MCs. Since we’re listening, did you hear Termanology on “Kilo Rap”? He ate that shit up…Noyd couldn’t even hang with that shit; true story and you can listen for yourself if you like but its true. “Fiends by the double digits / kings turn to brothers sniffin’ / queens turn to ugly bitches fuckin’ for the bubblicious / baby moma’s hit a rock with a seed in the pot / when it pop out the oven we gonna see it on the block.” Termanology putting pressure on MCs people. I don’t see how you can’t fuck with The Roots on “75 Bars”. Those drums alone should snap your neck. One MC who always know’s how to drop quality mixtape music is Talib Kweli. “Independent Hustle” is the shit…cats need to take notes. “Kill A Whole Lot” is my joint. This track needs mixtape love from coast to coast..2ew Gunn Ciz dropping jewels. I haven’t heard “Who Can Get Busy”, by Saigon with Grand Puba, on the hook on too many mixtapes and it’s a shame because this is one of the best tracks out right now. I could say the same thing about U-N-I’s “Beautiful Day”; feel good music at it’s finest…check the video too.

No bullshit this mixtape is full of bangin’ music…still those cuts need work. Nothing like a rough ass transition to make you change up what mixtape you’re listening too. I like the new direction Legend is taking and if he stays with it he will continue to win. Musically his ear is as sharp as ever; the track list reads like a who’s who for dope music that cats are zzzzz on. Cats need to slow down and listen man, rewind some shit, peep some knowledge in the lyrics and add some musical balance in your life with that commercial shit.