Legend – This Is Why They Hate Me

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You know what I hate? Asparagus. That shit looks like big green pencils and taste about the same as a pencil too. I hate when gas stations go from $2.90 a gallon at 10 AM to $3.10 at 2 PM. That’s that bullshit right there. I hate when chics talk about their feelings. You know what I’m really starting to hate? People on mixtapes talking about hate. That’s no jab at Legend either, that’s a jab at the game. Thing is, truly successful DJs/MCs don’t have time to even know that someone is hating on them. When you’re really really doing it, all you can see is your next move and nothing else; leave the hate for the birds.

AC is hosting, dude got bars and a ball peen hammer flow. He’s been doing the MC thing a minute too as is indicative on the track “Rae Told Me”. Nice ass concept with this one, can’t front…hit these people in the head AC. I wonder how people who wear white sunglasses feel when they hear the “Hip Hop” remix? I had red mirror sunglasses back when I was like 6 years old, granted it was 1981 so I fit in type lovely. I’m listening to Essos “My City” with Skyzoo and Stimuli and I can’t help but think how much better the shit could’ve been with a better beat. The deliveries on here is crazy but that beat did nothing to compliment that shit. ACs version of “Funeral Music” is that head nod break out the neck brace mixtape music. He’s given lessons in flow-ology for ya’ll. I’ve never been a big Common fan, that’s Dimez’ lane right there but “The Game” is tight like Kanye’s t shirts. The word play and cuts on the hook…shiiiiiiit, I was sold on it. Don’t sleep on Ciz with “Do What I Want To” cause he might just lyrically take your lunch money. I’m not sure why “Laff At Em” is on here. Sounds like Legend fell asleep and his little sister slipped some pop shit into the mix. I like Joe Budden, depressing lyrics and all but “Where Did It Go Wrong” bored me. Like I said lyrically…head and shoulders above cats but that beat didn’t hold my ear and to me you need both.

No bullshit, the formula is nice man. Legend staying in his lane, he still creating it but he staying in it and perfecting that shit. Cats trying to hop in that shit too, don’t think people notice that shit. That’s actually a good thing tho, competition breeds one of two things…a better product or failure. Nothing better to make you figure out where you stand in the game.