Legend – Veteran’s Day

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Legend is back once again. He’s got Torae hosting and for those not familiar with Torae you’re missing out a dope MC. There is too much good music out there that goes slept on and with DJs like Legend you get to hear what’s really good. DJs overall need to stop playing what they think will sell CDs and start playing quality music. It’s like the DJ is the train conductor and he’s leading the listener through the musical landscape. Instead of steering the people to the epitome of hip hop, todays DJs steer the people towards what ever throws them the most money. I don’t know who’s train your riding on but I like the direction Legend is going in…all aboard mutha fucka’s.

If you only buy this CD for one song let it be “Click” with Skyzoo and Torae. Premier is on the beat, the horns are regal and the bars are all a lesson in MIC-ology. Can you hear the quiet intensity on “I’m Good”? Stack Bundles (RIP) had perfected his flow and could use it on any type of track. I’ve been listening to that AC mixtape all last week so it was only proper Legend played “Good Lookin”; it compliments the vibe of this mixtape perfectly so far. The true sleeper track poped up early with Godchild on “Nitro”. Rewind this track a couple times cause dude was saying some shit! Torae was bringing that mixtape music to the table with “Lick The Balls”…putting MCs in their place and talking about balance in the music; another MC that gets “it”. Good to hear Ciz slide through on “Run”; not really a fan of this beat but the bars was proper. Termanology got that ill word play on “Born Alone Die Alone”…one MC that will never sell out hip hop. Legend stand up! One of the few DJs to play Papoose’s new single…”Bang It Out”. Fucking lame ass NY DJs can’t even play this, such a shame. This is a dope song. It’s not a single/ringtone song tho so we’ll see what Jive does going forward. Nacirema Dream will be a dope album regardless. Papoose has given the world so much quality music cats should be cop’n his album off principal alone. For those people still sleeping on Torae peep those Bash Bros freestyles and then rewind the shit and become a fan.

In this ringtone hip hop world “Vetrans Day” is much needed. The mainstream outlets don’t let cats have a voice and that’s something Legend is doing with his projects. It’s something Rapmullet was built on too, giving people shine who’s voice(s) need to be heard. The mixtape business, and it is a business, is tricky thing. Timing, brand, consistency, hard work and of course MUSIC all play an important role in success; with that said Legend is well on his way.