Lil Skrilla & Hots – The Introduction

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Welcome Hots to the review section. Lil Skrilla with his ear to the street as usual. Before we get started check out Hots and his music over at . The artist mixtape is mad important in 2006 people for the simple fact that cats are rarely getting BDS spins or even recorded indie sales. For promotional use only is what were dealing with and is the main ingredient for success. You will never know who hears you, so DJs and artist need to stand by the promo. Whether it’s online or hand to hand with the CDs you gotta be dishing that free shit.

The first polished track I heard was “Don’t Get Scared Now”. This is storytelling at its finest, stick up kids get busy with it, I can dig it. The hook and beat were proper too, that’s why it’s a polished track. “Criminal Individual” held my ear too with that beat. The word play on the hook was tight and a lil catchy too. “Stacks” was real basic man, and not to shit on the beat but the synth was boring. Like dude was one fingering the keyboard or some shit. I think Hots was too good for this beat, made him sound brand new with that Casio sound. I wasn’t really diggin’ the R&B; shit either; “We Will Ride”. On the upside Hots more than holds his own alongside Tony Yayo on “Cuz I’m A Gangsta” and Bossman with “Listen Up”.

Hots flow and sound reminds me of Maino. I don’t like to compare MCs like that but it is what it is. No question that Hots can rhyme and rhyme well, I just think he needs to find a comparable sound on the beat side. Only a couple beats really made Hots sound like he should sound with his talent level. It’s like he got down one style, one flow, one sound but he needs to be challenged. Come with some shit over a slow Texas type “Swang”, come with some shit over a west coast classic or a brand new down south trap house anthem. MCs need to constantly challenge themselves to set them apart from the rest of the cats in the game. Potential wise I’ve heard maybe five MCs in the last year that although still early in the game can def make it, and Hots is one of em.