Lil Skrilla Presents – The Incredibles (Blend Edition)

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You know what’s incredible? That no DJ sent this CD in to us, lol. Props to Wiz for lacing me with the CD at the Rapmullet BBQ. Better late than never and you know what I really really needed to hear some blends so it all works out in the end. Peep the all-star line up people, the shit is crazy and without even hearing it I can tell you it’s a collectors item just based on the DJs. Enough of the yamma yam lets see who did what and who didn’t do what, ya dig?

Mick Boogie sets it off. I like Mick and those remixes he be coming out with, shits get radio play too so you know his doing something right. I’m gonna try and keep each DJs highlights ect to two or three joints so bear with me. I wasn’t a big fan of the Ghostface blend. Def wasn’t up there quality wise as say the “Bumpin’ My Music” blend with Jay Z, Ray Cash and Scarface. Shit was solid as usual though, can’t front on Mick’s skills and ear.

Smooth Denali is slept on for blends if you ask me. He always fucks with the classics, whether its beats or acapellas so your bound to find a jewel or two every time out. “Ain’t Nuthin’ Ya’ll Can Do” got a nice vibe to it and Banks and Havoc is a nice collaboration. See Denali got the scratched hook and that’s where its at because he just made a whole new song with that shit. Any time you got Styles P and Saigon on a track and that track is some classic Mary J shit you know it’s gonna be a problem. “Got The Game Shook” is an ill title and again the scratch hook takes the cake.

Supreme looks heavy on the track list but truth be told he kept shit moving with 45 sec to 1 minute blends which is always cool. That AZ “Never Take Me Alive” is some hard shit, some highway music. I wasn’t really into “Virgo” or “Get Your Shine On”. I mean the blends worked but shit had me in the slow lane, where did the vibe go Preme? Canibus, Afu Ra, Guru are def tight MCs but their blends were just OK. Now the A-Pinks joint “U Don’t Want It” is what I was looking to hear throughout.

Wiz Hoffa is the Boss of the R&B; laced blend as is evident by Ashanti’s “Still On It” blend. This was my rewind blend on my trip back home from the BBQ on Saturday. The other blends were on point on some hard rock, classic verse shit but that one R&B; joint over some true crack music is where it’s at. My true blend heads know what I’m talking bout. Boss Man Blends 2…where it at Wiz???

Showtime picks up where Wiz leaves off with “Never Say Goodbye”. Not really highway worthy but head nod material none the less. The NORE blend didn’t move me but Showtime absolutely killed it with “Everyday Struggle”. If this blend doesn’t have you weaving in and out of traffic like Jeff Gordon after sniffin’ and 8-ball I don’t know what will. I was def sick of hearing “So Sick” but Showtime found a way to make me listen to it a few more times, props on that one. No lie, that Slim Thug/Boss Hog freestyle was the shit, sleeper blend of the CD too.

This is a hard CD to rate “tape” wise. Every DJ is talented and got skills/creativity. The way I looked at it was you got two DJs who’s sections were cop’able, two DJs who’s sections where bangin’, and one DJ’s section who was street certified like a mutha fucka; add the concept into the mix, cover work ect and I’m sitting on the fence between Bangin’ and Street Certified. I went with Bangin’ in the end but it could go either way depending on how you look at shit. Props to Lil Skrilla for the concept and putting shit together and Chuck T for getting this project out to the people.