M.A.G. – Got Juice? 2 No Bitchassness!

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One of my favorite MCs decides to drop another project, shout to MAG. He’s also one of the most thorough cats out of Boston on the MIC. DJ Envy is hosting which for any artist is a great ass look. Envy’s one of the last remaining mixtape vets from the “golden” mixtape era still getting it in. Shout to him.

The single MAG is pushing and has been pushing is “Polo and Timbos”. Not only is it a dope song he’s promoting this shit like an artist should. MAG is not some “new track everyday MC so people won’t forget my name” MC. Cats these days throw away tracks and never let their music reach it’s full potential. I’m a Polo’s and Timbo’s cat so this is an anthem for me, no spandex jeans and moon boot ass sneakers over here. The thing you need to know about a MAG mixtape is he flips classic “industry” beats like it was nothing. MCs are scared of that shit thinking it’s played out but that’s the foundation for artist mixtapes. That shit that Doo Wop and the Bounce squad laid the blue print for, that shit that Tony Touch did with 50 MCs. “State of Emergency”, “Rapid Fire”, “Boston Herald..huh?” all classic mixtape music. Just straightforward Mcing while owning the beats. My favorite flip tho was “I Regulate” over Warren G’s classic. MAG with that “crochet flow”…lol, that was a fly line. Don’t sleep on “Dark Days” featuring Ed Rock. That’s some real shit right there man. You can’t deny the authenticity.

When I listen to MAG it reminds me of 50 Cent in those Power of the Dollar days. The star quality is there, the voice, the flow, the content…he sounds even more confident on the MIC since the last project. It’s just raw hip-hop that un-tainted shit you wish you heard more often. He stays feeding the streets too and building that fan base. That’s how you survive in the future…your fans. Fuck all these labels and industry cats it’s the fans you have that will make you or break you…literally.