M.A.G – Got Juice Pt. 1

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Welcome MAG to the Rapmullet review section. MAG is outta Boston…that’s right The Bean. The curse of the Beantown MC is still there but one thing you can’t deny is the talent coming out of the city. They’re trying to break that curse and from what I’ve heard this year cats are headed in the right direction. I’m diggin’ the Juice movie theme…that movie has influenced so many people its crazy. The 10,000 dub sac pyramid question is: how far will he go to get it?

MAG is reppin’ Classic Records and to be dead as real he is literally reppin’ classic records on this project. If it’s a classic beat its on this mutha fucka like a dookie rope chain and some fat laces. Big Mike is hosting this joint too like only he can do…adding that flavor…that co-sign. “Life After The Sampler” is the jump off over the beat from “Luccini”. MAG on point with the flow people, don’t even front. It wouldn’t be a proper “classic” flip if he didn’t flow over a Rakim joint. “Told You I’m Not A Rapper” got some jewels in it but how can you go wrong over that beat. “Baked Beans” is that original joint MAG is pushing, produced by Chad B. The hook is funky but what impressed was how dude rode the beat…shit was damn near perfect. One thing I heard throughout the project was that MAG sounds like he was having fun making it. I can’t remember the last time I heard an MC rhyme over the beat for “Hip Hop Horray” but the joint was savage. “She want to suck me off but she shook of the train….” hahaha that’s 80% of the broads in New England. The other joint that sounded mad fun was “Itching To Be The Man” over “Chief-rocka”. How MAG started off saying “boom shaka-laka” and ended up rhyming about the economy was crazy. I know cats been used the beat for “C.R.E.A.M” to death but in all honest MAG murdered that shit again…threw in a lil story telling too.

MAG got a potent mixtape on his hands. Big Mike hosting, classic mixtape flips and the concept was most def thugged out to the end. Clips of the movie Juice added as “skits” help keep the project moving and it pretty much is what it is. MAG got a universal flow, he can adapt that shit to any track and he’s got a good ear for classic beats. The joint is mixtape music heavy with only like two original joints but it serves its purpose in getting the point out to the people that MAG can rhyme.