Mac Miller – KIDS

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Mac is back on the mullet. That’s a beautiful thing too. I love to discriminate on white MCs, it’s just my nature however Mac gets a pass. He gets that pass for the simple fact he just does him and isn’t trying to be something he’s not. All you other white MCs take notes.

I’m bout 5 full listens in right now on this project. I didn’t like it at first but there’s a section of songs from “Senior Skip Day” all the way thru “Ride Around” that is some of the freshest music out right now. That’s Mac’s sound right there IMO, his comfort zone where he sounds the best. It borders on being almost “pop” but its smooth enough and lyrical enough to maintain some sort of credibility. That’s a hard fence to ride and most MCs can’t do it so it must be one of Mac’s innate hip hop abilities. I included “Ride Around” cause as far as mixtape flips go this is what you look for. An oft used classic beat to call your own.

Best Track: Paper Route

This is the anthem of the project if you ask me. Beat smooth as hell, hook holds your ear, Mac sharp with the punch lines and Chevy Woods being the vet MC holding it all together.

(Good Evening was a close second best track wise, straight rhyming)

Worst Track: Knock Knock

Overall this isn’t a bad song what so ever. To me tho it’s the most “pop attempt/dumb’d down” song on the project. I always wondered if and when/where Mac got signed would there be some douche bag telling him he needs to sound like such and such to get on the radio, this is kind of close to that so I picked it worst track. My 10 year old daughter dug it also, singing the hook and shit so that played a part too. LOL

Another solid ass effort for Mac. Only good things in this KIDS future people.