Mac Miller – The High Life

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Pittsburgh’s prodigal son returns with another project. It trips me out that I rock Mac’s mixtapes in my ride like it was the purple tape or an early Doo Wop mixtape. Not only that he’s gotta be 17-18 years old and my old ass is listening like I’m right there with him. I may no longer be 17 but I can relate cause some things rarely change…like being 17. I hate the term throw back but that’s Macs style to me. Just an MC doing him, not following trends, not trying to be something he’s not. Shit, that in itself is refreshing, forget the boy has skills too.

This project right here tho gotta be as well rounded an artist mixtape as I’ve ever heard. Shout to Big Jerm too. He held down the bulk of the production and truth be told he’s shinning right now. You can go from “Ridin’ High”, where Mac getting his bounce on and flippin’ words like a vet to “Musical Chairs” with it’s big sound just feeling good. I miss those carefree days but I’ll be damned if Mac doesn’t capture the essence of that shit on the later track. Horns off “Live Free” got me open. “Get that monkey off your back…live free”. Mac trying to drop knowledge now? lol If you want to get into the skills tho, you peep “Crushin’ Around The Clock”. That rapid fire flow Mac got gears to it and it’s smooth too, no errant clutch poppin’ on that track. Boaz ends up trading bars with Mac on “5 O’clock” and he got me fiendin’ for his new music now too. I’m still fuckin with “The Finer Things”, ill picture painted music right there. My sleeper track is “Castle Made Of Sand”. One of my favorite hooks right now, can’t front. Shit sounds like motivation to me.

You peep the title, you know a lil of Macs past tracks and you think it’s gonna be some smoked out shit but nahh, this mixtape got balance. Not only that the production is refreshing as hell. Whoever is picking beats or lending ears to what Macs sound is keep that mutha fucka around cause it’s working. The MIC skills are there, the authenticity is there, the fun it there too and it’s really just a matter of when not if Mac Miller blows up. I think he knows this shit is a marathon, especially if you want a career as and MC, and this is just another level in the ascension that is his star.