Mac Miller – The Jukebox

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It’s that high school rapper you all love people…you ain’t know? Mac Miller coming straight out the Steel City with a lil bit of a chip on his shoulder and a growing fan base. He’s in dues paying mode right now but best believe you will hear him in even more in the future.

“Sound Like” is that clever shit, that less is more type song. Mac produced that joint and the hook is flu like. He very well might be the future. I love the vibe of “What Up Cousin”. I know it’s a R.I.P type of track but it doesn’t get more honest on the MIC than that song. Not only that he owned the beat too. On the subject of “owning beats”, Mac owned “Got A Clue” as well. Peep the visual for that joint here. I mean just off the song alone you can hear the star potential in dude. I don’t give a fuck high school chics eating this up and as an artist that’s trying to grow a fan base that’s a demographic you want to OWN. Lol “Get It On The Foor” is that energy providing the balance to the project. I mean it could def be a club joint but I’ll be damned if that shit doesn’t work as some highway music too. “Crusin” might be laid back but the word play is top notch. I mean Mac got MIC skills people, ya’ll need to wake up. “On Some Real Shit” is exactly what you want on your mixape. Known beat, 100 bars of raw hip hop and some slick word play. The homie Beedie slide thru and destroys that joint with Max B called “The Chow Line”. He got that focus flow MCs would kill for these days. The sleeper track is “Keep Me Alive”. Mac got that raw emotion working overtime with this one.

I fuck with Mac Miller on the MIC. No other way to put it. From listening to some of his early stuff till now, the kid is growing. He’s basically been developing his talent. Something labels used to do now artist have to do on their own. Like I said above he’s due’s paying right now. Even so he’s got joints on here that will outshine major label backed artist with a real push behind them. That’s a credit to hard work and a solid team. Now it’s just a matter of timing, patient’s, harder work and some luck.