Maffew Ragazino – Where I’m From: The Experience

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I first heard Maffew on a DJ Rhude mixtape a few years ago. I forget which one but his track stood out, you could hear the potential. He even hit me up to thank me for the kind words in the review. He was thinking he was about to stop rhyming and my review kind of gave him a boost. The rest is history. Hahaha.

Let me stand up and salute Maffew for dropping a proper E.P. I mean seven tracks is all one needs these days. It’s working too cause as of late you’re seeing his name all over the internet and that’s a beautiful thing.

The music tho…talk about growing as an MC. First track, Battle of Metropolis feat DJ Clark Kent is the joint. I mean that’s how you jump your shit off. Clark Kent sets the tone with the story and Maffew delivers with the bars. My favorite track, the one on constant rewind…”Get It Together”. Jaisu laced the beat, shit should come with a neck brace. Maffew’s flow is effortless…”and like Magic it been infected since 9-2.” I love that shit. You can’t drop an E.P. without an anthem…”Where I’m From” with Masta Ace. If you ain’t never been to Brownsville Brooklyn you have after you hear this song. Everywhere I Go got a lil different sound than I’m used to hearing Maffew on but it works. Hook grew on me I can’t front. I didn’t like Grown As A Soldier at first but after running it back to back to back a few times it’s a banger. A quality high energy joint.

Seven songs and you got everything: straight raw rhymes, knowledge dropped, story telling, quality hood theme music and authenticity throughout. The project is a momentum starter for real…street certified.