Mark Xclusive – Xclusive RnB Vol. 18

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Props to Mark Xclusive for playing a song with Bow Wow on it. I mean, if I was a DJ currently I would have a hard time playing that cats music…corny as he is…regardless if the music was good. That’s probably why I’m not a DJ tho. You gotta give the people what they want…or should I say the ladies and/or teens. I don’t know many dudes running around talking about the new Bow Wow and Omarion album. If you get a chance go over to the mixtape awards website and nominate Mr. Mark Xclusive, he’s put in some work this year and deserves the nomination.

Shamefully, the “Girlfriend” remix had my head nodding. That shit had Souljah Boy on it too…what’s wrong with me? LOL On the flip side you got Alicia Keys with “Waiting For You Love” which is off the best RnB album of the year in my opinion. You hear “Sensual Seduction” by Snoop everywhere now a days. He exposes T-Pain even more and yet no one cares as the masses continue to “Easy-Mac” their music. I wasn’t fucking with “Grown Woman” too tough, Mary J didn’t really do here thing on this one. The “Cyclone” remix is fresh tho, Gorilla Zoe doing what he does best with his verse. That Chris Brown album is decent, “With You” gets over and lets you know the label is doing its job. See I could have listened to “Crying Out For Me” and Cops Up” with out the remix and the typical rapper verses…but hey thats just me.

Mark Xclusive doing what he does; catering to his fan base and dropping a consistent product. Some of the transitions were on point, the tracklist had some thought in it and it’s a solid release. I’d like to see dude step it up with the mixing because there’s nothing better than listening to your music mixed and being able to hear that shit the way the DJ heard it too.