Marz Money – Addressing All Issues

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Shout to the Noxmen Committee. Marz Money on the solo with DJ Wats and DJ Victorious keeping the project moving, shout to them too. The title pretty much says it all. Marz Money getting some bars off his chest…tuck ya chains and don’t leave your house after it gets dark.

Straight up and down, Marz isn’t the most lyrical and his flow can be choppy at times but this is that raw, off the corner, stick you for your re-up Hip Hop music. I don’t know about you but that’s my shit. “Extended Clip” literally has cats ducking behind cars; no one is safe. Not only that he stays flippin’ mixtape tracks. With “Dey Know”, you know what beat he flipped, no need to mention it. He said: “principles gonna cost me my life like Socrates”…deep. “Can’t Be My Girlfriend” is a sleeper hit…”you and your ex probably still fucking / how I figure? cause at a time I was him”…slick. “Throw Your Set Up” got a crazy bounce to it and “Murda Shit” with that raw ass energy got the ignorance flowing feely like a mutha fucka. “still shaving 8 balls ain’t scrap up in years / still wearing the same wears ain’t save up in years.” The most well rounded joint up on here is “Recognize”. If you can’t hear the hungry on this track, you must be a fat man. Most cats don’t know how to spit with raw emotion like this. If you listen to only one joint off this project let it be “32 Bars From Marz”. I’m not even gonna give you some bars, just listen.

Most MCs these days don’t know who the fuck they are. You listen to the lyrics, different songs and you hear the fantasies, the lies, and the bullshit. You don’t hear that with Marz and def not on this project. He knows who he is and it shows in the music. Dude comes off as genuine, and that’s rare. That’s why I fuck with his music…bottom line. He still has some work to do as an MC but the progression is there with each project, each track. He has his sound and as long as he stays true to himself, he’s bound to pop off even more than he already has.