Meyhem Lauren – Clarified Butter

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Interesting title. Caught my eye right away which a good title should. Mayhem been doing his thing for a number of years, rockin’ along side J-Love and being featured on numerous J-Love mixtapes. Shout to Cam for sending this joint over, been listening for a few weeks now and it’s been supplying my boom bap fix like no other.

In true fashion one of if not the best tracks is “Ray Lewis”. If those horns don’t move you then you’re probably a corpse. This that straight head nod and most polished track to me. Mixtape music wise I like what Mayhem did with “Glaciers Of Ice”. Nothing but raw ass mixtape music to tuck your chain. “Live Ni99a Rap” was a great beat to use too. Cats don’t really touch that joint but Mayhem owned it properly. “Rhymes for the street but they built for the bing”. I’m stealing a line from this freestyle too: “wack rap vagina shit”. That’s my new line for bad reviews. Hahaha, classic.”Bring Da Rukus” with Killa Sha was a classic. Cats spitting razor blades on that classic Group Home beat. The sleeper track and a must rewind is “Tow Truck”. Thug life knowledge is dropped and that’s a beautiful thing. That hook is most def an anthem. Mayhem’s flow was as liquid as I’ve heard on this joint.

I fuck with Mayhem for the simple fact he’s not scared to be a NYC MC. Pure Queens Polo flow type shit with no apologies. He flipped a ton of classic instrumentals, all NYC and he’s doing him and you can’t be mad at that.