Mick Boogie – Ever Blazing 3

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If I was a fat white club chic I would love this CD. I’m kidding but it wouldn’t hurt right? Mick Boogie is what you would call a mixtape decathlete. He drops all genres of mixtapes and keeps it skillful. I’m not trying to start shit with anybody but the reason I said fat white chic’s above is because around my way you always see a fat white chic bumping some reggae and/or rolling with a Jamaican/Haitian dude. Hey, to each his own and again not to offend but the Jamaicans where I live rock fat white chic’s like they were gold chains.

Sean Paul is holding down the CD proper, good to see him doing the mixtape thing. “Break It Off” is my daughter’s favorite jam right now. I listened to this track for 15 minutes straight, its a hit…lets move on. The most infectious track I’ve heard in a while has to be “Math Class”. I don’t think I’ve ever sung along with a track and used the word “vagina”, that’s some shit. Props to Vybz Kartel for this joint. Vybz kills it on “Bad Man Devotion” too, that shit is knocking. Nothing like having a reggae exclusive with Sean Paul on some freestyle shit, “Ever Blazing” MB Mix is that shit as well as Lady Saw on the Mick Boogie Dub. “Slow Wind” is some true freaky jump off music. R Kelly is a crazy ass mutha fucka for real. My favorite riddim is Eighty Five hands down. “Ghetto Story” is a bonified hit, I love bumpin this in my ride while the rear view mirror has a seizure.

This is a typical Mick Boogie release. It’s like how you go to the grocery store and you can buy the generic products or you can get the name brand stuff and Mick is def a name brand. I think we need a video for “Math Class” though; someone hit up Vybz Kartel and tell them to get on it. See you on the next Ever Blazing people.