Mick Boogie & Little Brother – …And Justus For All

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Don’t you trust those new critics over there/don’t you trust those new critics/with there politically correct English/don’t you trust those new critics over there! Damn, I’m sick of seeing dudes doing the same shit. Isn’t there one individual with an original idea left in the Hip Hop media community? You don’t see apostles (writers) from RAPMULLET biting the next mags style. We wouldn’t tolerate that shit, but there aren’t any more rules to this sect. The snitching thing is out of hand and so is the biting.

I couldn’t tell you how many records LITTLE BROTHER has sold or what the label thinks of them, but they are always creatively ORIGINAL. But opinions are like assholes, because you couldn’t catch my man CHEW riding around to their shit if you paid him with 72 sluts, 40 grilled cheese and a case of OLE’ E. However, I find their music refreshing with it’s concentration on humor and lyricism. “People stop and stare/look what them boys got/we can’t afford Cris/frontin’ like we boycott.” How many rappers would admit to not being able to afford Cristal? These days, if you don’t have a Bentley after your first single, then you should stick yourself in the abdomen with a rusty butter knife.

MICK BOOGIE must be using a new editing program, because the difference in his sound and technique is apparent although somewhat similar to DRAMA. The new additions to the repertoire stand out like a porn star in a room full of new Jenny Craig attendees. Maybe that’ll cease the talk of him being overrated (I doubt it).

This is the part of the review where I bring it home, so please check for “CROSS THAT LINE”, because KARDINALL and LITTLE BROTHER on a 9th WONDER track is “kick a bitch in the twizat” music for heads that still focus on lyrics. “LET IT GO” is a retread off the release with DRAMA, but the addition of BLACK STAR is guaranteed to make you slap the person next to you as you ride the train uptown. You already know I’m addicted to palming my “python of passion”, so before I bounce and moisturize my situation I have to let you know that the KICKDRUMS did their thing on “NEVER LEAVE”. I rarely put shit on repeat, but “JUSTUS FOR ALL” will get that with ease!