Mick Boogie – Nas & AZ: Executive Decisions

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I’ve been a critic of MICK’S success. In my humble opinion, MICK’S ascension of the infamous DJ ladder has cost him some of his creativity. I understand why a DJ has to choose between critical acclaim and fame. It doesn’t mean that I have to agree. Fans don’t respect or purchase cd’s with extensive creative concepts, but they love to bitch and moan about every DJ doing the same thing. I’ve watched MICK develop and his cover work is still phenomenal, but due to the WAL-MART (sale in mass quantity and produce quickly) style of making mixtapes, I haven’t enjoyed MICK’S work as much as I have in the past; until now.

The cover to “EXECUTIVE DECISION” looks like an album cover and since the theme of the release is “the album we’ve been waiting for”, it’s perfectly suited. MICK has his own style and the intro is in that vain, but I wasn’t impressed. “DON’T HATE ME NOW” is straight “booger sugar”. As soon as the drum track kicked in, I turned up the volume. The HASAN INSANE produced “THE CITY” is an example of when a voice sample isn’t tiring and abused. “MUSIC FOR LIFE” is the type of blend that takes me back to the days of CHEW and I rolling down PARADE ROAD with the white owl burning, stacks of money in our pockets and no direction in life what so ever(damn I wish we could go back there). “BROOKLYN QUEENS SHIT” by LIL RASKAL is fresh to def. I’m not about to go back and check every track listing of MICK’S releases, but this is by far one of the best productions.

When you drop a release like this, you would expect it to be well received, but from the conversations that MICK and I have had, I don’t think “EXECUTIVE DECISION” is doing as well as his more marketable releases. This leaves the DJ with a dilemma. Should he create for the sake of pleasing the critics or release what some might label mindless CD’s in order to stay within the good graces of the fans? Speaking as a former DJ, I would choose the latter and MICK can’t be blamed for following that path. If the fans supported releases like “OSCILLATE WILDLY”, “THE WILLIE BRYANT STORY” or “EXECUTIVE DECISION”, maybe the DJ’s would continue down the creative path instead of abandoning it for the lore of the fans. Until that time comes, appreciate the “EXECUTIVE DECISION”.