Mick Boogie – Superman Returns

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The Commissioner is making power moves these days. Props to Mick for doing his thing. Who else besides me is glad Hov is back? See that man has incredible pressure on him to sell this album and usually that type of pressure creates good music. Either that or it will be some bullshit, there is no in between with Jay Zs next album. Will we hear phrases like “although a commercial success the album lacked any real substance”? It’s funny to me how larger than life people make Jay Z out to be. Dude is an ex-hustler who made good in the music biz, no more and no less. I have yet to see him turn water to wine so people need to relax. On to the CD.

“Hov Is Back” is the track of the CD. Like I said in another review, this shit was produced lovely. It sounds like a proper Jay Z track to me if that makes sense. With a show of hands, who wants to hear “Show Me What You Got”, “Dear Summer”, “Diamonds Remix”, or “Go Crazy”? Anyone, damn, quiet like a mutha fucka. (yawns). No offense to those tracks but…. (yawns again). I do however want to hear “Brooklyn”, a Mick Boogie mix featuring Angelous. That shit was on point. I still think the “Allure” remix is better than the original. Something about that beat that changes the vibe for the better. One of the softest songs I’ve heard in my life time is “Young Girl”. When cats talk about top dogs (Jay Z) co-signing bullshit this is what they mean. This is that can I get you a tissue, lets talk about your feelings, mad tight t-shirt wearing, wasn’t this on the broke back mountain soundtrack type music. Keep Pharrell away from your pre-teen daughters, sick fuck.

Presentation wise Mick Boogie leads the mixtape pack; from the quality of the music, to the cover to the exposure each release generates. I wouldn’t say Mick phoned it in on this one but without the Mick Boogie remixes and formula this joint could have been put out by DJ Scratch Ya Ass and we wouldn’t know the difference. Unit for unit this year Mick and his League Crew are a problem; especially with Wally Sparks on board and with probably the biggest power move of year with the “Blow” CD. Imagine if that “Blow” CD had a good amount of remixes/ blends on it from Mick and the gang; shit would be up their with Rap Phenomenon status.