Mick Boogie & Talib Kweli – MCEO

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Mick Boogie was ahead of the game when it came to marketing. I remember speaking to him once and he willingly described his formula for success. He waited until an artist was on the verge of releasing a project and he dropped a mixtape to coincide with that release. His explanation was that the artists label would be promoting the artist and simultaneously without direct knowledge, promoting his mixtape as well. Why pay for something that the label would do for free. He went from the ho to the pimp. Labels loved him for it and artist admired his savvy, personality and he remained humble. It proved that you didn’t have to be an asshole to grind.

The marketing plan worked so well and Mick Boogie created smooth flowing mixtapes that centered around the artist rather than his DJ ability. That isn’t an insult, rather an attribute. Combine that aspect with Mick’s persistence and seamless networking and you have the manifestation of an industry ready movement; coined “The League Crew”.

“The Beautiful Struggle” was one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard. Clinton showed enough “smash time” to mark it as his own, but “The MCEO” is a concentrated effort solely displaying the talents of Talib and the Blacksmith Movement. Mick Boogie is an after thought and honestly, that’s what he should be. You purchased the mixtape to hear Talib and that’s exactly what “MCEO” provides.

Mick’s “Intro’s” never got my dick hard and this time is no exception. “Independent (Amadeus Remix)” is creative, because it allows you to use your imagination, while reminding you of the track from which it jacked it’s name. “Think About It” by Jean Grae is the wet dream of the kid who still sits by the radio waiting to hear that “exclusive” that Angie Martinez should be playing at 3:15. “Hold It Down” screams 9th Wonder and makes you wish you could sentence the 3 defendants to life in the studio while the free world nurtures their ears with the frustration of the 3 for being unfairly imprisoned. One of my employees at Mixtapekings (Ty aka Bush Face), swears by Strong Arm Steady and I’ve never found them to be cohesive as a unit and I stand by that. “Big Homie” by Kron Don pushes that slow stagnant flow to the forefront and has me longing for when Strong Arm Steady becomes ‘one albino doing his own thing”. “I’m not going to describe “Perfect Beat”, because my words wouldn’t do it justice.

It’s rare with the bullshit that DJ’s put out today that I run out of room to talk about a release. I’m on a fucking word limit, so make sure you check for “Bushonomics” featuring Dr. Cornell West. It’s an important record and meshing of generations. Damn, and “Hostile Gospel” with Joell Ortiz. Well done Mick Boogie, finally I have something to listen to rather than some shit to pitch to the meth heads to cop another hit with.