Mick Boogie & Terry Urban – Unbelievable

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First off, just let me just say, GODDAMN! Ten years, already? I don’t know about yall, but those ten years FLEW by. We all know the game has changed a good bit since. Yeah, all of this has been said a million times, and will be said a billion more. Shit done changed, Mr. Wallace. We can only wonder what dude would be doing today if he was still here. Would he still be fucking with Bad Boy? I doubt it, but who knows? All I know is he inspired a whole lot of muthafuckas with this rap shit…and after ten years…he deserves a bangin’ mixtape. Fuck that Biggie Duets LP bullshit…BIG deserved better than that.

Enter Mick Boogie and Terry Urban of The League Crew with “Unbelievable”, their version of a Biggie collab mixtape. You’d think we’d heard every damn verse that dude ever recorded, so it’s a hell of a project to take on, but goddamn if they didn’t step up to the plate, and take one hell of a swing at it (Bonds on ‘roids style!). They even got Diddy on board for the hosting duties (not that the tape even needed it..but still a good look).

Summing this mixtape up in one page is basically impossible, so let’s get to the obvious stand-out tracks on this bad boy (no pun intended). The Clipse pair up with the Notorious one on “Blow”, but the true highlight is hearing Pusha, in his own words, describe his memory of hearing Ready To Die for the first time (I know yall still remember your first time, too..right?!?!). Next is one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape. Ray Cash gets clever and joins Biggie on “Gimme The Loot” as if he was right there, pistol in hand. Another joint that had to come from mixtape heaven, is the Biggie and Big L track on top of a Primo production. I always loved Biggie’s crazy ass blasphemous rhymes, so blending that verse with a Big L verse made sense. Be sure to peep BIG doing “Get Money” live with Jay-Z as his hype man..and then later on, when the two reunite on “The Commission”..which thumps awfully nice on a system. Throw that in the ride, your subs will appreciate it. Later generation Bad Boy rappers, Black Rob and Ness, get to do their thing alongside the man responsible for putting all that money in Puff’s pockets. And is it just me, or does the Bob James-“Nautilus”, sample NEVER get old? I swear I can STILL listen to that shit all day. Ab and Biggie sound perfect on top of whatever beat that is on track 23 (someone hit me up with that shit!). There’s a few more live tracks (the famous 2Pac “Party & Bullshit” being one of them). Like I mentioned earlier, there’s so many solid tracks on here, that a one page review really can’t do it justice… ironically, for a slain rapper that has yet see justice, himself. R.I.P. B.I.G.