Mick Boogie & The Game – Dope Game 2

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What do ya’ll know about the dope game? What do ya’ll know about scooping up ya re-up, baggin’ up product for three straight hours after being on the road for eight, while your fingers go numb all because your clientele is fiending out? What do ya’ll know about riding with 10 elbows in your false bottom trunk on I95 every two weeks? Shit…..Dimez and myself could tell you a lil something about the dope game but the game is to be sold people, you’ll have to buy the book. I know Mick Boogie knows a lil something about the DJ game tho. Notice I said DJ and not just mixtape cause on the real dude gets it in from all angles.

I’m not really a fan of the “radio dial static” type intro’s. I kinda look at em like a cop out but it is what it is and it’s kind of a Mick Boogie staple with transitions and shit. “The Remedy” with Dr. Dre is what Mick Boogie does best. This is that crack rocks in ya socks music right here…cuts on the hook and all. That Nas and Game joint “Hustla” is majic. The hook grew on me but the beat always made my head nod. I think Nas brought out the best in the Game. Ok you want that instant rewind joint? “Dope Game ” Mick Boogie Remix is that track. Lil Wayne, Game and The Clips on some classic CNN beat? Get the fuck outta here, the Clipse alone on here will make you not be able to feel your face. I don’t know what it is but I can’t stand “I’m Chillin”. I’d rather listen to some fat ass, rugged looking, manish lesbians have sex than this shit. “I, I, I, I, I, I, I’d rather listen to something else.” Game told all you other DJs to “stuff them records between ya ass checks and go hide behind a tree and cry”. Hahahah I love when cats talk shit. I was looking to ride out real quick and “Wouldn’t Get Far” was my theme music. I’m loving that vocal sample. Bottom line tho..the blends and remixes shine the brightest on here…you already know the deal with that man. It’s what separates Mick Boogie from the pack.

I fuck with good music and well The Game dropped just that on the masses a couple weeks ago. Honestly this mixtape colabo is a no brainer and in my eyes necessary to help push “Doctors Advocate” out there even more. If your album is actually full of good music it needs to be worked over a period of time to the people. Remember shit is microwave hip hop now and the first week is like eating a hot pocket. DJs and MCs alike need to show and prove with some skillfully created promotion. Right now the only DJ coming through to meet that need is Mick Boogie. Think I’m lying peep his mixtape drops over the last six months and you’ll get a lesson in mixtape-ology.