Mick Boogie – The Pre Up

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Does INTERSCOPE permit the production of EMINEM mixtapes? Let me rephrase that, does EM allow people to make mixtapes centered on himself or his artists? Apparently SHADY gave permission and tracks to MICK BOOGIE, because “THE PRE-UP” is here and you know EM doesn’t do mixtapes! I’m expecting the world, but I’ll settle for a city.

This has been a great year for THE COMMISSIONER. If a major Hip Hop release is hitting the streets, MICK is too. His mixtapes have become formulaic, but if the tape doesn’t pop when you put it in the deck; let that bitch ride. So I hopped on the fucking train with “THE PRE-UP” to see what EM and company are serving to the masses.

“GET LOW” was the first stand out to me. WAYNE is on his grind and maybe this mixtape can start the buzz back up for STAT. He was the shit at the last mixtape awards, but since then people have been wondering if he got dropped. I never go track for track, so I dropped down to “TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN” and was stuck for what seemed like decades. ALCHEMIST is a fucking beast! CASHIS (pronounced CASH IS) is supposed to be the future of SHADY. Provided he gets this kind of production, the future could be tomorrow. BOBBY CREEKWATER is a unique name. “OUTTA HERE” was the better directed of his two features. If this is any indication of what SHADY has lined up, the future seems bright. The dedication to PROOF needs no explanation.

I myself have never been a fan of D12 and although I don’t see KONIVA’S track (ROBBERY) as complete trash, its not one that I’m going to be dipping down the west side highway to. My assessment of the SHADY roster is one that is dependant upon the unknowns. D12 isn’t going to be the saving grace and I doubt that they’ll have a significant voice, but if EM can do for CASHIS and BOBBY CREEKWATER what he did for 50, the tide should change fairly quickly.

MICK is in a zone and has found a lane for himself. His mixtapes have become clean cut and without risk, but the quality is undeniable. SHADY provided him with some hits and misses just happened to come along for the ride. I’d like to see MICK feature more of those blends that he’d become known for, but in this day, safe is better than sorry!