Mike Beck – Money In My Pockets

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Shout to Suge White on that Justo nomination, do your thing man. Mike Beck says on the intro…”this is for all my people with money in their pockets”…I can dig it. No bullshit, lets’ get into the music already.

“Times Running Out” made this CD for me. I’m diggin’ the energy on this one man…all highway music from beginning to end. One thing I love about this project is the whole “East NY, we don’t give a fuck” vibe off every track. Mike Beck def has a presence on the MIC but it’s sometimes lost on stale hooks like “Run This”. The song itself is cool but that whole “do my homies, do my homies run this mutha fucka” doesn’t cut it for me. “Still Kill” was a nice mixtape flip, there were shots of dope word play in this one. As far as anthem’s go “K.A.R Anthem” is just that…as obvious as the title suggests. That’s what happens when a dope hook and tight beat come together; Rob Cash still out shines the other MCs on this one tho. The next couple joints, all mixtape flips, were cool…”Duffle Bag Boy” remix, “Blue Magic” remix, “Brown Paper Bag” remix but overall the use of those beats doesn’t hold your ear as you’ve heard them many times before by many many different artist. Rob Cash laid the verse and hook to rest on “Don Diva”…do dirt music at its finest. Grafh sliding thru on “What It Should Be” was a great look. Mick Beck stepped it up lyrically on this one too, that’s what an MC like Grafh will do for your MIC game. The last two tracks I’m gonna talk about are “Streets R Part Of Me” with Tony Sunshine and “Mary Jane” with J Holiday. The joint with Tony Sunshine was crazy, this is where Mick Beck caught his stride with the words. “Mary Jane” was my shit tho. I’m not gonna tell you the beat but dude singing over that shit was that syringe sold separately music.

This project as a whole is bangin’. I didn’t rate it as bangin’ because I think cats can do better. I was diggin’ the original tracks because the beats were on point but the mixtape flips lagged a little to me just because the instrumentals used are worn out from mixtape over exposure. I def want to hear a better balance between the two (tight original joints vs mixtape flips). Lyrically Mike Beck is right there. He showed brief flashes of top-notch word play and at other times, the shit was just too basic for my taste. He has that energy and presence to hold down multiple tracks dolo with ease but time will tell if he can put it all together.