Mista Mista – No Greater Love

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Don’t get it twisted this isn’t a mixtape, this is an album and yes we do review albums. I’ve been listening to and reviewing Misat Mista’s music for a few years now, damn near since day one and it’s great to see the progression in the music.

I’m a hip hop product of the late 80s and mid 90s where we used to have balance in the music. Where there used to be originality and being original was what made you stand out from everyone else. At the same time every original act co-existed and you could be gangsta, and have fun, and be in the club and be educated all at the same time. Mista Mista is providing some balance.

I always talked about MCs being themselves and that’s probably my favorite thing about listening to his music. Hearing the title track as the jump off that’s all Mista Mista. Honest bars and spittin’ with passion. “No Coming Down” is straight inspiration over a knockin’ ass beat. “I freak beats for me, don’t care about the comments” and if the hook doesn’t get you then you must not be alive. The paint brush gets broken out on “Lie Cheat Steal”. Story telling wrapped in a message is literally a lost art. Relationships get touched heavier on “I Tried”, “Don’t Make It Seem” and “The Otherside”. Giving the people something to relate to. Jon Hope, Taktix and Crucial slide thru and feature on “All In”. Def diggin’ the harder edge on this one. The song I most related to tho was “Uncertain”. Anyone with a pulse should relate but then again it might be to cerebral for cats.

Obviously based on the title of the album LOVE is the main theme that stands out. Whether relationships with the opposite sex or ones relationship with their own life. It’s def deep and it’s refreshing to hear some intelligent thought out hip hop music. Cats need to keep an open mind when listening to music these days. I say that because the ability to listen to a Mista Mista album then say Tity Boi then maybe Big KRIT and wash it all down with Bun B is what balance is all about and there is no greater love than that.