Mista Mista – Where It Started At

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Providence is in the Rapmullet building.
That’s where Mista Mista hails from and he’s got the anthem for his city on “track 1” too. It’s that laid back confident style throughout but it’s personified on this track even more so. I say confident because that really means the swagger is balanced and plus we don’t say swagger anymore. That shit is for still long white-tee wearing cornballs. “track 3” is polished. I mean that hook for one will hold ears for days while Mista Mista spits some authentic fly shit. It’s that feel good music, you remember that right? The opposite of thugged-out is a beautiful thing sometimes. “track 5” comes off as the cliché “female song”. It’s smooth but still, the track is a lil formulaic to me. The one track I did rock back to back-to-back is “track 7”. The horns did it for me on the beat but really, it’s the bars. Mista Mista def dropped jewels. He’s one MC that def knows who he is, no fake rhymes…just a grounded MC with something important to say. “track 10” was your club type track, not really feeling that vibe. I liked how he got his story telling off with “track 11” over Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story”. It can’t be a mixtape without some true mixtape music. My favorite line of the whole mixtape is from “track 13″…”my music is everything I got, you music is everything your not”. That line pretty much sums up where Mista Mista is coming from.

First couple listens and I was sold this was a 2 ½ tape mixtape. That last listen tho I actually heard a few things I didn’t hear the first time out the box. Mainly the content is what sold me. I’m big on authenticity and dude def isn’t trying to be anything he’s not. The problem I think white MCs have is over coming sounding like a white MC…if that makes any sense. That being able to listen to the music, hear the voice and without seeing what the person looks like they sound like they could be black, white, Asian ect. You don’t know at all but the simple fact that the MC sounds good. That’s what a good portion of this project sounds like and it’s a testament to Mista Mista’s skill. He’s a polished MC regardless of color. I thought some of the club-ish sounding tracks were forced but it’s all experience gained to hopefully move forward with a promising music career.