Mistarello.com – Hard Body Blends 4

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Mista Rello has been doing blends for a minute now. I still think he should change the name of this series to “Sweaty Thong Blends” because the blends that are really on point are the joints that will make thongs sweaty and tities shake. I like how he’s promoting his website; more DJs need to go that route.

“Party and Bullshit” blend was cool. We’ve heard Biggie to death though. I don’t care what beat you use to blend with “Have A Party” it will not sound good. Jesus himself could lace a holy beat and the shit would still sound like shit in a shoe box to me. Just a bad song if you ask me. I could of sworn I heard “Kryptonite” b/w “Laffy Taffy” before? Shit sounds decent though, considering. The “Yo” blend was highway music at it’s finest. See you can never go wrong fucking with classic beats DJs. Case in point “Still On It” blend and the” So Sexy” blend. I could tell you the beat but you must cop to see what I mean. Best blend of the CD was the “Touch It” blend. That shit will have you in a neck brace by the time the blend ends. Shit actually caught fire at this point because “I Should’ve Cheated” blend and “Wanna Love You Girl” make this CD worth cop’n.

Shit is a classic blend formula through and through. Ladies cop this to get your tities jiggling while you’re in the ride talking on your cell phone holding up the traffic behind you. People go hit up mistarello.com already and see what’s popin’ off. I’m telling you Rello, “Sweaty Thong Blends” is the fucking wheel. Maybe work in some old house blends and breaks, chicks will be sweating so hard the thongs will just melt off.