Montega – Sunscreen Needed

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Break out the SPF80 you bitch asses Montega is about to illuminate this bitch with classic mixtape music. People say that jackin’ for beats on mixtapes is dead and it died when 50 Cent went on to sell 8 million records and everyone tired to flip the formula but nahhh man, shit will never die. That shit was around before 50 and it will be around long after 50 has retired. Thing is if you choose to flip another artists beat you better own it cause if you don’t you’re just like the other million rappers out there running in place.

Dub Floyd is keeping this project moving and you know what? He does a hell of a job too. Not only that he’s been know to flip a beat or two on some mixing shit. Rookie of the year people you might have heard of him. “A Nightmare on Your Street” is def a “beat or two” or three being flipped all while Montega lyrical beats you about your head and chest with concrete bars. I think it’s a prerequisite that if you’re gonna flip mixtape beats you fuck with “Verbal Intercourse”. Montega shinning but you know who surprised me was Hoodfella, do your thing homie. That “Get Bucks Radio Live” is my joint. I love how Montega set that beat on fire for like 4 minutes. If you bout your craft and you get on the radio to show and prove that’s how you do it. Geolani and Lady Lyric add to the shine with “Block Muzik” and just like with Verbal Intercourse above you have to fuck with “Time Up” as well. Classic beats everyday all day for artists on mixtapes. If the beats you’re trying to flip aren’t classic you might as well call yourself MC Poo Tits and retire.

Montega has the follow up to Human Heroine dropping fairly soon so this is that warm up, that shinning star of a project if you will till that shit drops. With me it’s like if you’re an artist and you’re gonna go the mixtape route you might as well use beats the listener is familiar with and as stated above you have to OWN that shit. Montega put in work and that’s evident. Now let’s hope the mixtape isn’t better than the album.