Movado – Full Clip

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I’ve made some early new years resolutions. One of them is to step up my Reggae mixtape game. Just like I did with the Southern Mixtapes I need to get get my grind on and get in grained in the culture and really study this music. A bout the only thing I know with this CD is that Walshy Killa is dope on some mixtape shit and that Kenny Fiesta did the cover.

“Full Clip” with Busy Signal is that hard shit man. That type of joint to have you catching bodies for stepping on your sneakers. I was searching for that thump/thump music and found it on “Buss Mi Gun”. I can rock this in my ride and it sounds like you’re listen to an anthem. Speaking of my ride, “Gangsta For Life” is that highway music. On the real for real this track right here got hit potential. Hit the rewind button and get into this shit; the hook is crazy. “Bad Man Place” is right there too. Gotta be the two best tracks on the CD. This joint has regal type sound to it; gotta be the synth in the beat. Aight, let me speak ont he Champion Squad Remix joints real quick. “Wah Dem Do” is the shit with “Give Me A Call” right after it…I was open. On some true mixtape type shit, “Dreaming” hits you in the head. I’ve heard quite a few cats try to flip “Fly High” but Movado sounds smooth over this.

Movado can sing people, especially when he catches the right “sound”. I was diggin’ how Walshy Killa showed the versatility in the muisc which translates into Movado sounding like he can flip any beat; fast, slow…whatever. He showed that he can compliment a song and I imagine his skills will be used well on many hooks and features to come.