Mr. Roger – The Token White Guy

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Welcome Mr. Roger to the Rapmullet review section. I honestly didn’t know what to expect with this mixtape. “The Token White Guy” as the title had me thinking is this a gimmick? Mr Roger isn’t your typical name of an MC so maybe he’s not your typical MC. I can’t say I’ve been a big fan of “white” rappers since MC Search and we all know how he turned out. (smh) Regardless if dude is white or not it all comes down to what’s coming out of the headphones that matters…even from token white guys.

“Worlds Best” was nice man, can’t front; Mr. Roger got a flow. One thing I noticed is he’s got a unique style, def not shooting up the block with 14 keys in the trunk of his luxry SUV type of shit..Which is refreshing for 2007. I get the feeling cats are torn between letting the music and MIC skills speak for itself and using the fact Mr. Roger is white as a marketing tool. “I speak to people / I don’t speak to colors” yet the name of the CD is Token White Guy. Hmmm. “What’s Yours Is Mine Pts 1-3” is Mr Roger using the beats from “My Name Is..” and “Ice, Ice Baby” ect…is that a gimmick? I like the the Ice Ice Baby joint, he murdered the beat actually and dropped a couple jewels on it as well. Is having a white guy rhyme over other white guy’s beats making fun or a marketing ploy? I guess I’m confused cause I can’t call it. “Act Your Age” is more my speed, over the beat for “Children’s Story”. Mr Roger just having fun on this beat, little bit of the story telling skills shine and he made it his own…that’s the shit I’m talking about. Seriously “Way More Fly” made me want to slap Mr Roger. Cats rhyming about clothes is wack to me and it’s even worse to be rhyming about being “more fly” than another man or where you shop; can’t fuck with it. Now the polar opposite of “Way More Fly” is “That’s That Bullshit”. It’s sort of like the Roots “What They Do”…and I quote: “he’s Jim Carey / talking out his ass”. The rhyme was tight on “They Say” but that beat with the synths in the hook came off as a cheap Swizz sounding knock off. Besides “Worlds Best”, “Appreciated” was my favorite joint on the CD. Mr Rogers giving thanks to his family and friends for support and opening up a little on the MIC. That’s the shit people can relate to and the way he put it together just comes off as genuine.

Bottom line is Mr Roger can rhyme and write some tight ass songs, that’s more than evident on the project. The CD confused me tho. Are they trying to throw the fact Mr Roger is a white dude out there and make it so blatant with the title of the CD and using a couple of “white” beats just so cats will get over it and listen to the music? I don’t know…For the most part Mr Roger sounds like he’s just doing him, keeping the music fun; which is a good thing because MCs today really don’t know how to have fun any more. Personally I would just let the music speak for itself, leave the white thing alone and keep having fun with it. Like that line he spit above says “I speak to people / I don’t speak to colors”… then why overly highlight the fact your white? And that’s my point.