Murder of the Month August 2008

Murder Potpourri

Summers over, thank god. I hate summer, no bullshit. “Dear Summer…fuck you”. That’s how I feel. This month it’s a murder bonanza, a murder buffet if you will.

First up is mixtape reviews. Just stop people, please for the love of mixtapes…stop. Too many cats wanna write a bunch of bullshit with the mixtape knowledge of a Dolphin. (insert Dolphin cry here). The “mixtape review” as a whole is played out, I understand that, I’ve embraced it, now it’s time for these other cats to embrace it too.

Cats want names tho right? Well on the fake “mixtape murder” side of things you got this cat Omar from He used to write in Scratch magazine. I sent this Summers Eve douche bag an email into Scratch back in the day for his obvious ability to “bite” and it actually was published. Cats thought I was a “hatin’ DJ who got shit on” and pointed out my spelling erors (sic). I had a copy of the mag from 2004 but shit is lost now. It’s not even about that tho cause honestly I could care less at this point but…cats were emailing me links to his review of an old Clue tape. Now giving the history of this cat biting and the fact I don’t think Tapemasta would say anything, I need to say, “find your own lane cock smoker”. Cats BEEN doing that shit and the bottom line is we don’t believe you. Good luck on the XXL sinking ship. (sorry Rhude, no offense). Shout to Mixunit for sponsoring that section on too. $500 a month well spent, right fellas? *dies

While we’re talking mixtape murders let me be completely honest with you. That shit is played out like wearing a leather Tux to your own wedding in July. We did it (not the leather Tux thing), we probably were not the first (modest) but we were def the best (not so modest) and now it’s a wrap. Too many shitty projects not enough time. The game now is finding talent and those projects that are Zzzzzz (slept) on and letting the world know. We do that well too. If you’re only here on Rapmullet for those murder reviews sorry to say it’s a thing of the past. Kick rocks. However, there is this dude over who will shovel all the shit you want. Enjoy. Cock smokers unite!

The Murder of the Month continues…your welcome.

Next…MDM or as some call it, The Million DJ March. Or my favorite…Minuscule DJ March in a club/restaurant that closed at 5PM. *Big Sigh…Where do I start? A.Shaw? Your explanation of what went down is bullshit. That little “press release” that didn’t explain anything and just randomly danced around the truth was the final nail in the MDM coffin for me. It’s about taking responsibility for the whole event (rain, shine or lack of permit) and being honest. A lot of DJs, PR people and got used for this false movement and we’re pissed at that explanation. Me personally I feel like Rapmullet got pimped and so did our supporters and we got no apology, no real explanation about the whole thing. Never again people and if you support this broad and her false movement you’re a damn fool. My advice to A. Shaw…disappear never to be heard from again, you’ve done enough damage to the “DJ” for the rest of the decade. Thanks…now fuck off.

On the topic of congested mixtape lanes…get ready for the mass exodus off the mixtape highway. The economy is in the shitter people; don’t believe the hype the media is pushing on behalf of the government. The GNP is blah blah blah, it’s all smoke, shit is bad and it’s gonna get worse. That means a few things. Mixtape consumers who actually cop product won’t be spending as much, which means DJs, won’t be moving as many units, which mean more DJs leaving the game. It may even be you reading this right now. The casualties will be great, both talent less DJs and skilled DJs will disappear. It’s a good thing really mixtape wise…only the strong will survive and deservedly so. Maybe we can go back to normal releases instead of DJs dropping 6 CDs at a time with all the same songs on them. Too much product for the fans to digest right now. Frequency bad, quality good. I don’t care how you wanna flip it, toss it and rub it down…that shit is wack. The truth hurts and I’m a hammer. (That sounded gay but fuck it.)

I’m gonna leave you a question and answer, you figure out the underlying message.

Question: What happens when you cook food too long in the microwave?

Answer: It turns into the future of hip hop music and mixtapes.