Murder Of The Month February 2007

Cutmaster Cs “Hood News”

50 got shot and rode those bullets to success. GAME had beef with G UNIT and cooked that beef for over a year to build anticipation for DOCTOR’S ADVOCATE. I forgot what commercial said it, but the Hip Hop industry is taking, “beef, it’s what’s for dinner” literally. Kids are coming up saying shit like, “I’m about to JA RULE this nigga son!” These dudes aren’t even battling anymore. If you’re losing a battle, just punch a muthafucka in the snack box, upload that shit to youtube and the misinformed will post that shit on a message board and proclaim you one of the ‘illest niggas doing it.

Movies come out and go straight to DVD. “HOOD NEWS” is going straight to the MURDER of the MONTH. No review, no tapes, just a spot on the “smack down” coffee table for SWAZO and the boys to use as a fucking coaster. Not only was this shit sprinkled with the “wack juice”, but it’s built on this fucking conspiracy theory that BIG MIKE is the DJ/person who snitched on DRAMA. Give me some valid fucking proof fam. I don’t know dude who makes the “COCAINE CITY” series, but the evidence he provides is some bullshit! MIKE spoke to DRAMA 5 hours before he got raided, that means he snitched on dude? Are you fucking kidding me? I saw ANNA NICOLE in BERGDORF before she got pregnant, am I the fucking father? As a matter of fact, I hit the boy DRAMA on his blackberry before he got raided, did I snitch on him too?

The fat lady is singing C and I know you relied on the UNIT to help you move those Frisbee’s nigga, but this definitely isn’t the way to do it. I listened to this shit and all I could hear in the background is (if I say this shit, maybe they’ll buy it). Well thank God I didn’t nigga, because I might be at the around the way mixtape shop with the local “hate a wack ass mixtape DJ” picket line in full affect!

I don’t know if MIKE dropped dime on the nigga, but I know dude from “COCAINE CITY” said he had a problem with MIKE before this and his other piece of evidence was that MIKE hit him on myspace to cop some DVD’s for his website. MIKE never followed through, so that makes him a snitch? You know how many niggas hit me up to do business and once we start talking numbers, they fucking disappear? That doesn’t make you a snitch, just a bullshit businessman.

I’m tired of all the WWE styled publicity stunts in Hip Hop. I’m tired of wack ass mixtapes, artists beefing, bullshit conspiracy theories and if C doesn’t start setting trends instead of following them, mixtape fans might get tired of him too (if they aren’t already).