Murder Of The Month January 2006

How fitting that Murder Mase would be the murder of the month. Yea DJ Lex got two tapes on his lackluster R&B 90’s Part 2 fiasco but honestly every mixtape DJ catches a bad one. He just suffered from poor track selection and too many dropped bombs, literally. He only gets murder of the month honorable mention.

Moving on to Mase. This murder isn’t about Whoo Kid. Whoo Kid is a branding machine and his reach is world wide. This murder is about Mase and how he fucked up this world wide promotional opportunity. We all know Mase is a pretty ho, so he might sell some records to the ladies just off that alone. Let’s keep it real, the murder in Mase is long gone. He may try to spit that murder game but no one is buying it. Is he a religious man? Does he carry guns now? I don’t think Mase even knows who he is and what he’s about anymore. The bottom line is he is trying to make a living. I can respect that to a point but not with overly obvious fictitious rhymes about bustin’ guns and slabs in the hood. He all but abandoned the fans he made in the mid to late ninety’s and I can see why; they don’t buy records. He’s trying to reinvent himself to the new generations of fans and teenie boppers (50’s core fanbase) that he’s a G Unit soldier. In a fitting tribute to the fallen minister, lets pray for Mase…..may he rest in peace.