Murder Of The Month January 2007

Since when did mediocre become the norm in hip hop music? Mediocre beats, mediocre rhymes, mediocre mixtapes, mediocre business practices……you name it in hip hop and that shit is average at best right now. There was a time in Hip Hop where being creatively different was encouraged and even promoted in the industry. Now if you don’t sound like, look like or try to act like the next man you can barely get heard, seen or given a shot at all.

Its not always about you, hip hop is too selfish. In order for the culture to move forward you will at some point have to give back and inspire…and its not going to benefit you in any way.

Being mediocre is dead…strive to be better. Its really not that hard. Apply it to everything you do and the hip hop world will be a better place.

Its the beginning of new year, possibly a new time in hip hop music…stop settling for mediocre and start creating the extraordinary. Hip Hop is based on “creating” something out of nothing. The people in control of hip hop through major record labels, magazines, and radio, the people who have the ability to pull the strings and shine the spotlight have literally stopped creating and have left “nothing”……now go make something out of it.