Murder of the Month July 2005

CSI: Rapmullet is on the scene. Looks real bad this month. A triple homicide. We’ll try to put the pieces together for you as only Rapmullet can do.

Over here in the alley behind the smack down hotel, it looks to be a possible shotgun blast to the face and chest. Cutmaster C found with a two shot .25 in his hand as well. Ouch. Cut C and his Murder Was the Case pt. 3 caught a bad one this month. How ironic with the title of the CD and all. Gravy, who was hosting the CD, must have lent him that two shot .25 out of his vast arsenal. lol. You know what’s funny to me is that Cut C built his name up pretty well through the years and has a decent following. With that said, why would you change your name to Mr. Bentley? Isn’t that the name of the white english dude who lived down the hall from the Jeffersons? Maybe he cop’d a Bentley and named himself after his new car. More power to the man if that’s the case. That must be the new thing to do then. No more BigChew people, it’s now: Mr. Mazda ! Let’s hope Mr. Bentley comes correct now that he’s moved up a tax bracket.

Right in the middle of the offices lays a thief. I think DJ Splendid was his name. See anytime you try to steal some shit your bound to catch a bad one. We usually roll with heat in the office but this time out Splendid caught a punch to the nose. It was a shame too, I thought it was just a little love tap but turns out dude was soft as a pillow and his nose bone got stuck in his brain. Karma is a bitch sometimes. (knock on wood). I can’t see passing the next mans blends off as your own. He even made a cover for that shit! Cats are funny though cause dude thought he was gonna g-off on this joint. lol. My advice to Splendid, get a job, part time, what ever man. Ain’t no easy money in the mixape game. Stop hitting your Mom’s up for petty change and man the fuck up on the income tip. Go rob somebody even. Oh wait you did that and you couldn’t even do that shit right. Welcome DJ Splendid as the first inductee to “Americas Dumbest Mixtape Criminals”. And another thing, when you trying to pull a jack move, don’t email somebody the music from the email that has you real, full, government name. (shakes head).

Out in the parking lot is Cutt Nice. He’s still alive but his sound man accidentally ran him over trying to back out of the parking lot. His legs are pretty fucked up, called 911 about 30 minutes ago though. “They gonna be here soon Cutt, be easy”. lol. Honestly besides the fucked up sound quality and some errant off beat cuts the CD was decent track wise. Grind Ent is putting together a solid team and I know they will def come correct in the future. It’s like one of those freak accidents that happens. Some times you come back from those and sometimes you don’t.

Let’s keep it moving people and def stay tuned in for next months episode. We will be bringing back a classic: Rapmullet Vice. I hear Tubbs aka Dimez is woking a homicide case on Canal St. There was a mass sucide, mixtape cult I think, they all drank the red kool aid and the DJ is on the run.