Murder Of The Month July 2007

Mixtape Monday Mid season Report

Dead ass real I’ve held my tongue long enough. Cats is perpetrating on the mixtape game like this is some pop candy fluff shit. Normally I could give a fuck what “other” cats do who write about mixtapes but enough is enough. Cats are so out of touch with this shit they might as well be discussing country western music. Yee haaaa mutha fuckas Lil Wayne dropped a new mixtape and the cover is purty.

First off mixtapes are and will forever be about DJs, below the radar MCs who got next, and promotion. What does Mixtape Monday give you most of the time….mainstream artist “news” wrapped in some weak “mixtape” rhetoric. You get a cover and a title of a mixtape…wow.

Lets break down this “Mid season Report” as only Rapmullet can.

And I quote: “OK, guys, one more week. One more week until the regular Mixtape Monday returns. This week, we’re still looking back and giving props, starting with 10 essential mixtapes of the year so far.”

Ten essential mixtapes of the year so far huh?

First up is Lil Wayne’s Da Drought 3. Are you serious? “Two CDs of unadulterated hip-hop boom!” What the fuck is hip hop boom? Lil Wayne is a good rapper, I’ll give you that. He saturated the market all while laying the blueprint for hundreds of thousands of wanna be MCs to do the same thing…thanks Wayne. This mixtape is far from “essential”…it had its moments tho this one just gets over.

Tru-Life’s Tru York (hosted by J-Love). J Love did his thing, why isn’t that mentioned? Oh that’s right they rarely mention the DJs on here. They even said people don’t remember much about the mixtape. So why is it on the list cause of the cover art work only? Fuck outta here.

KRS-One and Marley Marl’s Hip Hop Lives. This isn’t even a mixtape, slept on album none the less but def not a mixtape. Can you think of an actual mixtape that could fit here instead? I can.

Kanye West’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing, another pretty cover how insightful. DJ Khaled’s We the Best, again not a true mixtape on the street. Prodigy and Alchemist’s Return of the Mac, again was supposed to be a mixtape but became an album. I actually bought this too, can they say that at MTV? I’m still a fan and I still support…one of 65,000 or so that did by the album. I bought that Joell Ortiz album too.

Back to the actual “mixtapes” on the list. “You Already Know” aka KaySlay gets a mention along with a quote “Hmm, we really can’t tell you much about all the songs on this tape, but the significance of this one is that a certain DJ didn’t want to put his name or face on the cover because of the Feds.” You pick this mixtape but don’t know the music…ok. But it’s significant because dude doesn’t use his name. Who the fuck is picking these joints? So what, the bottom line is mixtapes will NEVER go anywhere and guess who’s back to putting their name on mixtapes…wanna report on that too?

Various DJs’ Biggie collections. How convenient to lump all the “biggie” mixtapes together. Lord forbid you actually say a DJs name. How about DJ Eggnice Notorious Blends Vol. 18, or Doo Wop & Mike Nice Present Christopher Wallace The Last King Of New York or Mick Boogie & Terry Urban Unbelievable. “You can’t beat listening to Biggie”…yee haa, that was a hell of quote.

I agree with DJ Soul’s Assorted Donuts: A Tribute to J Dilla. We didn’t review it because some mixtapes just need to breathe without a proper review and are to be listened too only. But really how hard is it to put up a copy of the cover and the title? Now that’s insight.

Those are the “essential” mixtapes so far this year? Hell no! Where are the artist mixtapes? You had projects from Esso, Termanology, Riot Squad, Hots, Royce 5′ 9″, Ransom, Dre Robinson, and Grafh to name a few. Those aren’t “essential” mixtapes? That’s some of the future of hip hop but there not “essential” enough to be mentioned. What about the DJs doing their thing so far this year? Statik Selektah, DJ Rhude, Chuck T, Teknikz, 31 Degreez and the vets like Big Mike, Smooth Denali, Green Lantern who continue to drop quality product. You can’t tell me “Serius Invasion” wasn’t an “essential” mixtape for the first half of 2007.

They have their lists of singles (pop), not surprising. But peep the “Street Bangers” they listed. What street was this on? Main street? I’m not even gonna really get into this list cause it’s like bowling with the bumper guards up.

Let’s talk a little about the : “10 most significant new stories for mixtapes this year”.

Drama and Cannon getting snatched up was def a big deal and rightfully so. It sent a ripple through the game and pretty much weeded out some DJs who may or may not have been built for this. Drama came back tho which was almost as big a story in my eyes cause that sent a message as well and he was speaking on behalf of the whole community with Gangasta Grillz 16. Put the music on the CD aside and see how Drama shoved the game back on track. The blurbs about Imus and Album sales have about as much to do with mixtapes as I do frequenting a salad bar. Mixtapes are about what people are diggin’ on the street that’s it. Regardless of censorship in lyrics or why such and such MC only sold 10k copies of their latest gimmick. Speaking of gimmicks, they talk about that too and youtube beef. I’ll tell you this, beef tracks on mixtapes have always been a gimmick so youtube can have that shit. Mixtapes have also been available for downloads online for years and to be honest, 90% of the time you need a physical product to rip that audio from so mixtapes being all digital = not likely any time soon. Mixtapes (CDs) are a tangible good and still hold more value than a download. Cats wanna talk about NY too. It’s all good I guess they needed filler. They should of filled it with how the mainstream media (like MTV) fails to support the culture that they make so much money off of and exploit it at the same time… oh wait no we need to know about how Akon and T-Pain are “go-to guys”…that’s mixtape related…right. Speaking of NYC, what about Stack Bundles getting murdered? That’s huge for mixtapes. Stack was the epitome of an MC who utilized mixtapes properly, especially in NYC. There are few cats still alive that have had a bigger impact on mixtapes than Stack did…and there’s no mention of that? Damn shame too, instead of highlighting the mans career that “essentially” was made on mixtapes all while getting an anti-violence theme out there to the masses we get to read about gimmicks, sales, producers, and mixtape downloads.

We at Rapmullet have always been all about the support of the mixtape game, mixtape business, mixtape culture.. whatever you want to call it and we support anyone who reps it right as well. We aren’t looking for a come up, shit we’re too old for that so get those “you want to be on MTV” thoughts outta your head. We’ve murdered ourselves before what makes cats think we won’t murder the so called “man”? We built our shit from the bottom up, brick by brick our own way. Plus we’re not even writers nor do we aspire to do that shit. Just some real cats who’ve been in this game for a very long time letting the truth be told. If you don’t like it too fucking bad, step your game up and rep this mixtape culture properly or kick fucking rocks. What’s the saying? If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of……you know the rest.