Murder Of The Month July 2009 – JQ – The Official Burbetto Mixtape

Just to get a check. Let it be known people if you got the money you can buy a co-sign. Drama, Khaled, Pope John Paul, RU Paul, Paul Rudd, they’re all for sale. I could rant about that shit for days but I’ll digress for this review.

That co-sign gets you in the door or at least gets a foot in to stop that door from slamming in your face after they see DJ Drama and/or DJ Khaled names. Money can also buy you a quality engineer who can make your music sound crisp and professional. Money can get you a decent beat. Money can get you a cover with said DJs standing next to you, can package that CD like it’s official too. But the one thing money can’t buy is talent.

Burbetto (from the suburbs to the ghetto) as a term or word or movement is an insult to all the people who every had to come up in the ghetto. White chics in college think it’s cute but in reality it’s borderline racist. Truth be told, white people who grew up in the suburbs who claim hip hop and try to glorify ghetto life, try to emulate it, try to weave it into the fabric of their story are the worst people in the culture. That’s this cat JQ. Why anyone would want to “buy” their way into the music business is beyond me. Cats really just want fame, it’s not about the music or the culture or pushing the art forward. It’s about JQ watching the B.E.T awards and saying “hey, I can do that, I want to do that and I will go platinum with my parents money to make it happen”. That’s what we’re dealing with here people in 2009. A kid who watched an award show about hip hop and was moved to make music as a career. B.E.T no less and we all know how well B.E.T portrays black people and hip hop culture. That’s this cats influence. Fuckin’ sad on all aspects.

Here’s some low lights of the mixtape for your ass. You know we live in a hip hop world where a nice beat and semi-catchy hook gets you over, gets white chics asses moving and everything else is overlooked. That’s JQ’s formula, that’s his trying to get over. He rhymes on beat 75% of the time, the production is “ok” 50% of the time but his voice combined with some of the wackest bars to come out of a MIC booth are what makes this shit log of an MC really shine in the bottom of this CLAP infested toilet aka mixtape.

Lets get into the bars shall we. “Doing It Big”: and I quote “I be higher than the ceiling, better yet a fucking pigeon”. Pigeon? Really? “Mr Green” is the weed song. “I wake and bake, then take a Jamaican bake, run to the bank, you know chase dank”. Hahaha, corny and then he said..”take a magic carpet ride with this happy cig”. Lol corniest MC Ive heard all year. On “Super Fly Guy” I peeped this jewel..”before I made it to the bar she written down her numba, I asked her if this seat was taken she said not no longer”. Smooth man real smooth. I’m offended cause he mentioned “douche bags” in “Imma Put It on Her”. I can’t use that word anymore, cause when actual douche bags start calling other people douche bags the word is all done. JQ shouts out Wheezy on “Bong King”. He rhymes about “blowing pounds” and tries to get his rock and roll vibe on. *Fail. I’m listening to this project and I want to punch this guy in the face for being so oblivious to how much of a corn chip he is. Ignorance in life is truly bliss.

This cats whole musical career, not only this mixtape, are what’s wrong with hip hop. You can buy your way in but at least there’s some of us (RM) who will stand at the gates and yell at you as you try to pass through and throw shit on you while everyone watches. I don’t give a fuck. JQ is that cat who’s gonna be up in the club 38 years old still trying to “make it happen” with music. He’s adamant throughout this mixtape that he has haters so I guess he’ll consider me one of them. You gotta think tho, with all these people hating his music when will he realize it’s because he’s just not good at being an MC. JQ needs to join a reality show already, get that fame give up the MIC and embrace the douche bagery that is his future.