Murder of the Month June 2006

Victim – Kev Samples

Fuck Kev Samples and Fuck You if you support this bullshit. This is by far the corniest CD I’ve heard in years. This cat actually has the nerve to wear a “G Unit Bra” on the cover of his mixtape. If I ever get to meet this cat I might just slap him for this joint, think I’m lying. Matter of fact, if you’re a real cat and you see this singer in the street, give him a good slap for all the mixtape fans who ended up listening to this pile of crap.

Here are a couple more quotes from this turd burglar of an R&B singer: “I’m not to worried about guys comin’ at me. I work out like an athlete,” “There’s absolutely no fear (of physical retaliation),” “T-Pain? Please. I’ve got a couple of strippers I can put on him.” “The idea came from my management and I thought it was a pretty good idea,” “It’s something different for R&B. It’s good, it’s exciting, it’s fun.” “I am tired of all the watered down R&B being released,” “I want to take it back to the days where people actually listened to the lyrics and could relate to the song instead of waiting for a catchy hook”

Sad really. Nice management too, sounds like they would let you hit off there moms for BDS spins and to cop his new album. Oh you didn’t think they would do all this and not have an album ready. Hahaha, the music industry is so lame. This is the last time I say his name, Kev Samples. We’ll probably never hear it again anyway.

EXTRA EXTRA: This is your BONUS murder right here!

Can I be honest with you? I’m not real happy about mixtapes right now. Where is the creativity? DJs need to let the “Exclusive” cats do them and find another lane. Even the “Exclusive” DJs have the same 10 songs all dropping a week to a few days apart. Then as those tracks leak and you have to deal with the lower tier “Exclusive” DJs playing the same shit. It feels like stepping on the same nail over an over again but no one ever learns. I’ve also come to the realization that the top dogs in mixtapes creatively are not sleeping or falling off, it’s the lack of quality music today that’s the problem. Am I getting burnt out on mixtapes? Yea probably, but I’ll continue to push on through the bullshit. To the mixtape consumers; remember… have a choice and you have the power to make things happen.