Murder Of The Month June 2007

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever listened to a mixtape and then shit your pants? Not shit your pants in a good way…an actual pinched smelly loaf in your pants. You look at the cover to this here mixtape and if you were to actually hear Jay Leno hosting the project throughout you might actual shit your pants cause that would be some incredible shit to pull off. Well I didn’t hear Jay Leno throughout, matter of fact I don’t even think that WAS Jay Leno at the beginning. It’s a case of a pretty mixtape cover with a big pile of crap behind it.

I liken this to wearing some $800 designer jeans with a big stinky loaf of corn laden shit sitting in your tighty-whitey’s. You look good on the outside but you smell like a diarrhea and sweat sandwich on the inside.

DJ Wats caught a bad one at Rapmullet back when we first started out. I think it was early 2004 and it was a DJ Wats and ARME collaboration mixtape. The funny thing was that even back then the cover was fly as hell but the actual mixtape….well you get the picture. Dimez did the review back then and I’m going to use some quotes from that review to describe this review because well…some things never change I guess.

“I wouldn’t spark a blunt with a silly bitch to this bullshit.” “If Big Mike graduated from The Clue Mix Tape Dj School, then Wats got left back. He wasted the cover, because that shit was hard! He should blow that shit up and sell posters instead of the cd.” “Get Your Weight Up Or Leave This Shit Alone!”

Funny how three years later I can use Dimez’ words and they fit perfectly into this new Wats mixtape. Mixtape wise the music was nothing different than what’s been out for a minute. I like the fact Wats supports his artist but I couldn’t tell you one stand out track from any of ’em. Def a good look with Champ B and Fred Knuxx on their tho. Ain’t nothing really left to say but go cop the cover and blow that up to a poster cause its the best thing about the CD….period.