Murder Of The Month March 2007

Earlier in March their was a murder in Yonkers and the victim’s name was Sean D. Jacobs… or better known as Sheek Louch. The victim was 30 years old at the time of death. Although the cause of death is still undetermined police speculate ear poisoning was involved. The only items on the crime scene were a portable CD player and a CD entitled “March Madness Vol. 1” by Big Mike. Investigators would like to question Big Mike on his involvement in the homicide, but word is Big Mike is laying low for now. Investigators would also like to ask Big Mike…

How many Exclusive tracks do you need to produce a HOT tape?How many tapes do you need to release before you get the fuckin idea behind making a tape worthwhile?And more importantly…Was this attempt of putting out a respectable mixtape just one BIG (Mike) early April fools day prank gone totally wrong?

Questions …. Questions… Questions… BUT WE NEED ANSWERS OR JUST FUCKIN STOP!

In other related news… Kids all over are now using the term “Big Miked’ It”. It’s my understanding the term is being used as a synonym to “fucked it up”. The etymology of the term is below:

Main Entry: Big Miked’ It
Pronunciation: ‘Big mIk-d ‘it
Function: Adjective
Etymology: New term used by street folk ever since the release of Big Mike’s “March Madness Vol. 1” mixtape.
1: to fuck something up beyond repair
2: to take something with the potential of greatness and sending it to the hell
– Other forms and their meanings:
Big Mikin it – Fuckin it all up
Big Mike You – Fuck You

This is Soft Serve reporting from Yonkers,NY… Back to you Rapmullet.