Murder of the Month May 2007

You would think the Murder of the Month would be about DJ Snake, our friend from the UK putting out “American” pause tapes. Thanks for the contribution by the way Snake the world is such a better place

Well my advice to DJ Snake and the countless other (refrains from derogatory remarks used to describe wack mixtape DJs) Pause tape DJs is to find another niche in the game. Stop flooding the market with crap, step back and analyze the mixtape industry right now.

Google “mixtapes” and see what comes up. Ok you get four or five spots that still sell actual physical mixtapes (hooray!) If you had did this search 18-24 months ago the first two or three pages would have been filled with online spots that sold actual physical CDs. See where this is going?

Now what does come up in your search? Pay for mixtape download websites and gasp…websites that just give the mixtape downloads away for free. How many of these “Pay” for download websites actually kick back to the DJ? I don’t know actual #s but with the many DJs I speak to…its not many at all and if they do the $$ is short like leprechauns. The “free” mixtape download sites…don’t get me started. My philosophy is if the DJ actual wants offers it up for “free”…cool. It’s on the DJs terms so be it. One thing tho, don’t get me started on the phrase “its good promotion” when talking about free downloads, that’s a whole other topic. When you can enter the DJs name and title of the mixtape in Google and 10 links appear from numerous download (sendspace ect) and torrent sites you know the end is near.

If you can’t see the bottom of the mixtape barrel right now then you are just blind. I’ve seen cats say “Destroy and Rebuild” and that’s exactly what’s going on except the ‘destroy’ part is not by choice…its inevitable. The question for all the DJs reading this should be…will you be contributing to the ‘destroying’ part or the ‘rebuilding’ part? Like Dres from Black Sheep said…the choice is yours.