Murder of the Month October 2006

Victim – DJ Clue “The World Tour”

One of these kids is doing his own thing….maybe not, cause this shit was just like everything else! When Clue drops its like “mixtape Christmas”. If you’re a fan of the “exclusive”, dudes mixtapes are as good as it gets….in most cases, but not this fucking time. I don’t give a damn if the nigga play new shit all night on his show on 105.1 (show is usually hot). That doesn’t have shit to do with “World Tour”. Clue doesn’t need the cash and we know he has access to major artists, so we’re going to chalk this one up to laziness. If you were on “World Tour” with Mariah, then you should have gotten her to strip butt naked on the cover and maybe you could have saved this mixtape…..NAH…niggas would have copped it for the cover and toss this cd like a bitch with a bad body and shitty head game! A nigga once said I was a hater….and I got upset, but if Clue drop another release like “World Tour” I might have to start the “hate when a nigga drop some bullshit fan club!”