Murder of the Year 2005

Welcome back everybody. I know you didn’t get your murder of the month last month but to be totally honest the CDs we got weren’t half bad and it’s like we have to go out of our way to find a really bad CD. DJs know what the deal is and there are certain DJs that you have never seen reviewed on Rapmullet and that says a lot about the DJ. You need to have confidence in your product and if you don’t then your CDs are straight bullshit. Everybody catches a bad one every now and then, everyone!

With that said, pour out a little liquor for the murder of the year: “the exclusive”. The exclusive track is dead my friends. Some DJs haven’t realized this yet and are still putting out CDs with tracks anyone can get online. If you’re a DJ and you are doing this you will not make it through 2006. Well maybe you will, but your rep in the exclusive game will die slow.

This is not to say that pause tapes are dead. To the contrary, but the music on them is more artist based. Meaning the artist dominates the CD track wise, hosts the CD, and is featured on the cover ect. Now we all know creativity will reign in 2006 and along with that the complete artist mix tape will flourish. They feature exclusives from that artist, freestyles, blends, remixes ect all based around that artist or that artist’ crew. You know this already and if you don’t peep the editorial section.

2006 will also feature a battle of sorts. The concept blend CD vs. the traditional blend CD. Kind of like a changing of the guard of sorts. A DJ that can incorporate the concept with the actual mixing of a traditional blend CD is poised to conquer the world. Both blend CDs have their place but some people are going to the next level and some will be left behind. Remember that Green Lantern interview DJs, words to live by.

Back to the death of the “exclusive”. Albums continue to be leaked as well as tracks and if you know where to go online you can get them. Think I’m lying? A good 75% of these “exclusive” CDs that have dropped I can find the tracks online. It’s just a matter of can you get the CD out quick enough. I’m going to give you an example of what I mean. You people remember that track we put on the Rapmullet I Pod- Saaiiiggoonn? Produced by Scram Jones by the way! You would think we got that from Scram right? Nope, even he was like “how did you get that?” You didn’t hear this track on any mix tapes and if you heard it at all you only got a one verse snippet- maybe, while we had the whole thing. Saigon’s people even hit up Dimez like “where did you get this?” Dimez didn’t know until I told him and like I’m telling you….. I got it online! DJs will again have to build a relationship with an artist to truly get something that is exclusive, no more downloads, no more fake exclusives of false album advances. Soak it in people….R.I.P.

I tell you again Rapmullet readers, fans, and DJs. The exclusive is DEAD. What will you do to survive in 2006?