Murder Of The Year 2006

The “Murder of the Month” is the award that RAPMULLET usually bestows upon a mixtape DJ or a specific mixtape. The “Murder of the Year” is an entirely different matter. We’ve saved this annual event for the most despicable mixtape DJ/mixtape or event within the mixtape community. For the year of 2006, the “Murder of the Year” is awarded to the “10th ANNUAL JUSTO’S MIXTAPE AWARDS”.

The JUSTO’S have been a staple of the mixtape community for a decade. The music has changed, the DJ’s have changed, but the spirit of JUSTO has remained the same. It was his spirit that allowed the mixtape faithful to wait 2 years after his passing for the show to return. Gone was the backing of the record labels and the man as the event coordinator, but the DJ’s remained. The true fans remained. The respect and the controversy remained.

No one expected the show to be bigger than when JUSTO was alive, but we had great hopes when it was announced that the awards would be held at the “world famous” APOLLO THEATRE. “Cool DJ” RED ALERT is loved by DJ’s and he’s a pioneer of Hip Hop. He certainly commanded more respect than he was given by DJ ROB E. ROB when he took it upon himself to storm the stage and protest the awards, because he didn’t win “BEST BLEND DJ”. Not only did ROB not deserve the award, his mixtapes pale in comparison to those of DIRTY HARRY’S. He embarrassed himself and this generation of mixtape DJ’s. Furthermore, by shouting out G UNIT at the end of his tirade he fanned the flames of a situation that was becoming increasingly hostile. ROB’S is a case of believing that the DJ with the biggest “slave” chain, entourage, and hardest looking ice grill deserves the award. Aren’t we glad that the voters saw through this lunacy?

The organizers of the awards aren’t responsible for the previous incident, but anytime people are blowing the sticky and alcohol is being served at a Hip Hop event that involves competition, it isn’t a stretch to foresee punches being thrown. It was a horrible idea to put blunt wrappers in the gift bags, and then expect people not to roll up. In addition, V.I.P attendees and nominees should not have been in the same line as others attendants. The fault of the organizers was minuscule compared to the staff of the APOLLO.

The APOLLO is located in the center of Harlem. It is largely supported by a minority audience, yet the APOLLO was reluctant to hold an “urban” event. It is unbeknownst to me how G UNIT could rush the doors without being searched although the APOLLO staff was unwilling to have the award show there to begin with. One would think that security would have been tighter. RED ALERT was blamed for the ROB E. ROB incident, but why did the APOLLO allow anyone to just walk onto the stage? After the incident between CZAR ENT and G UNIT, why were they allowed to attend the show? They should have been expelled immediately. After all, what were the police there for?

This combination of unfortunate events, guidance and leadership led to the tarnishing of an establishment. RAPMULLET.COM has the utmost respect for JUSTO and the organizers of the JUSTO MIXTAPE AWARDS, but there were too many mistakes to ignore. It is with great sadness the “Murder of the Year” be awarded to the “10th Annual Justo’s Mixtape Awards”.