Murder of the Year 2008

I’d like to murder the whole year of 2008 for mixtapes and everything associated with it.

I made a comment at the end of last year that 2008 would be like the new 1995 or 1994 musically. Boy was I off! That was more trying to inspire than predicting what the music would sound like. Where do I start? Lil Wayne? Million DJ March, Download only mixtapes? The R.I.A.A? Artist Mixtapes? Weak Rapmullet reviews. Delusional DJs and MCs? Take your fuckin’ pick.

You know, let’s break it down a “lil” (pun) something like this.

Lil Wayne.

(Chew): You: the fan, the mixtape DJ, the fake hustler(s), the graphic artist, the magazines, the weak MCs, the bootleggers (dat piff and all the torrent sites included) and us at made Lil Wayne the king of mixtapes. Let’s deal with truth because although it may be hard to swallow, you can’t hide from it. We all made a person, of not only questionable character, but also who is by most standards a weak MC, the king of our culture…mixtapes. Not only does he not give a fuck about our culture he wouldn’t piss on us if we were on fire and he’s our king. It’s fucked up isn’t it? We all hold the blame. The fans who don’t know any better. The DJs who over exposed him, all the websites that promote those mixtapes, all the websites and stores that sell those mixtapes…we all share that blame. See in promoting Lil Wayne, whether it was using his music on your mixtapes to raise your name as a DJ, big projects like Dedication 3 or Drought 6, Rapmullet calling out his antics and having a huge banner on our home page when DJ Drama got raided, Foundation Magazine’s Wayne interview gone wrong, all the websites that promote “free” downloads, all these things only served one person and that was Lil Wayne. We all really only achieved momentary success or promotion from covering and supporting or not supporting Wayne. He went on to have the biggest selling album of the year too. Did we learn our lesson collectively? Probably not but I have hope for OUR culture.

(Dimez): As I put down my large white hot chocolate (I’m not riding trains and slapping “yookers” anymore, cause I stopped drinking and praising the herbals lol), I want to say that I don’t totally agree with my partner on this one. I actually liked that Wayne album. He disrespected the shit out of DJ’s, but dudes took him back like their girlfriend who suck the next man dick, but you still in love, so why the fuck should I still be mad? Furthermore, he outworked almost every so called “real mc” last year, so in my opinion, if you don’t want him as your representative, nominate a motherfucker who works harder!

Million DJ March.

(Chew): Or as I like to now call it…the equivalent of a “Donna Martin graduates march for DJs”. (Blatant 90210 reference). A-Shaw where you at? Hahaha, she’s probably changed her name by now. What a failure that was and we still never got the truth of what happened. DJs names got used, websites credibility got used and all the people that showed up got used. I’m still pissed off at this shit to be honest so we’ll end it here before I have to slap someone.

(Dimez): Wait a minute Chew, before we end it, I want to say that it was a good idea with poor execution and it took an outsider to create the march. Maybe if someone with the inner workings of this community had decided to do this or maybe even one of the more established Dj’s that have made soooo much money with this occupation, the result would have been different. What did we all learn? Do shit yourself or complain about it getting fucked up later! We can all blame A. Shaw, but you dudes are the ones going from club to club and doing tour after tour with no fucking health insurance.

Download Only Mixtapes.

(Chew): AKA, folder ass mixtapes. Shout to Biggy Jiggy, lol. He’s got mad folders downloaded…what an accomplishment. Now go dig a hole. I don’t even want to hear about this shit being “promotion”. Promotion is dead across the board. Every one and everything is considered “promotion” now. Funny thing is nobody makes money off these or any promotion for that matter. Not even the artists that are on the mixtapes. Well maybe the download sites that still charge for “access”. 95% of DJs aren’t even set up with a way to sell a download anyway. Ya’ll stay missing opportunities. Here’s the thing, if every mixtape you’ve ever done has only been in a folder…you my friend are not a mixtape DJ. You’re just another motherfucker with Lime Wire. I download joints. Folders are perfect for the long lost classics, the rare joints, that old mixtape you got with a perfect mix aka Pushin’ Tapes type shit. They have a purpose, but folders aren’t the end all be all. My folder soldiers keep at it though we need ya’ll to really kill what’s left of this game so it can be rebuilt.

(Dimez…..again): Let me jump in this bitch like double dutch. Have you ever seen a Dj Scarface mixtape in the streets? This dude was hitting us more than my fucking girl when I forget to put my sneakers back in the box. Everyday we heard from this son of a bitch requesting a review for his folder only mixtapes. Chew was nice enough to give Biggy whatever the fuck dude name is a review. I’m not subjecting my ears to that bullshit. You can eat a dookie burger and order that motherfucker with some cheese, cause your whole concept was babbage. The funny thing is, someone must have dug that shit, because he beat out the boy Diggz for “Underground Mixtape DJ of The Year” at the Justo’s. Can this shit get any worse?

The R.I.A.A

(Chew):These guys are like those cats in high school who aspired to be police officers, 21 Jump Street ass cats. You know who I’m talking about. A bunch of bible thumping do gooders blind to the real world. We all know they deal in black and white and it’s a shame really cause mixtapes fall into that “grey” area. And that’s why mixtapes have problems. Without getting into specifics….numerous spots were shut down this year as usual, websites and some DJs were visited as well. And what was the outcome of all this? Not a motherfucking thing. Keep an eye and ear out for them in 2009…coming to an ISP near you. (shakes head)

(clears throat….Dimez again) Really though, it’s not these dudes we should have the problem with. Name one artist that’s ever stood up for a mixtape DJ? Fuck what they say on those bullshit DVD mags, I’m talking about actually going to the RIAA in defense of these dudes. I know, most of these DJ’s don’t have permission from the artist to use their image and such, but when their handing out these drops, did they actually think that all these cats have fucking radio shows? Seriously, I’ve heard them shouting out the name of mixtapes. Then when a dude like Drama gets busted, motherfuckers treat him like he’s on AIDS Island. Those stores and sites that got busted, yes, they were technically in the wrong, but in this industry we all need one another. There was a time when the DJ was far more important than the dude with a chain on that was holding the mic. He was a fucking hype man. It’s too bad “The Million DJ March” wasn’t successful. I thought that was going to take us back in that direction. Know you worth and get respect for what you do, because these artist are watching as the RIAA takes it from you! (wait, did that shit rhyme?)

Artist Mixtapes

(Chew):There were some quality artist mixtapes out in 2008. The problem is getting through all the trash projects, to get to the gems. Here’s the scenario: Artist makes 10 tracks on home computer with $20 MIC, makes own cover with cracked version of Photoshop from 2006, uploads to Dat Piff and numerous websites with links and equates that to doing big things and “grindin”. The most common email I got from artist this year was this:

“Hey, can I get a review? You can listen to my mixtape at Dat Piff, here’s the link.”

I’ve seen a few not so bad artists do this as well and I hate to say it, that shit goes right into the spam, lost forever. I would honestly say that for every 1000 rappers who put music out, maybe 10 of those are half way decent. That’s a generous number. How do you find who’s really got next and who deserves some shine? Too many artist and not enough time. It’s a struggle and it makes writing reviews that much harder.

(Dimez):Once again, Chew is better than me. I cant fuck with most of these dudes. As soon as they start off going “yeah, yeah, I’m about to go in nigga”, my whole ear shuts down. If it didn’t, I would have to chop every last one of these motherfuckers up and we’d be getting complaints about that shit. (perfect segue into…)

Weak Rapmullet Reviews

(Chew): We hear the talk, especially from some of our previous supporters turned sideline haters. I think that’s the first time I’ve said “haters” and I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. We know you want the “old” reviews. The ones were Dimez talked about sleeping on the subway and running trains on “yookers” with big tits and slapping silly bitches. You want the reviews were I compare weak MCs and DJ skills to bloody tampons, human shit in a box and that piece of shit that dangles from your ass when you take a shit but it just won’t let go (Dimez:I think its called a dingle berry Chew). See we’ve done that and it may pain some to hear that we’ve grown. If you don’t grow in life you don’t succeed, you stay stagnant. Imagine if Rapmullet never changed it’s website look? We would look like the equivalent of a crack head with no teeth. You have to change because if you don’t know by now…change is inevitable. The reviews themselves are still pretty good, some would still say infamous, and the game has evolved due to the mass number of mixtapes in the world today. It went from a few releases a month and a few artist mixtapes. If a shitty project came around you could jump all over it. Now their a few released every day with mass amounts of artist mixtapes. So the trash releases are more abundant now, but how many times can you shit on a mixtape. You want me to review Big Mike’s latest and tell you that he’s still not mixing? You know that shit already and he can change his name to the Trap-A-Holics and you’re still going to cop it. You want me to remind you with every new Wayne mixtape that Wayne’s lyrics suck? These are things most of you know already. It’s about finding those dope mixtape projects and shinning what light we have on it. You still get some murders throughout the year so it’s all good. Look for some of the old in 2009 but def look for some of the new too. We are def not lacking in motivation right now (and if you haven’t noticed, I’ve actually got Dimez writing again)…thanks.

Delusional DJs and MCs

(Chew): There are too many people on and off Rapmullet who talk too much and don’t listen enough. And sometimes I think no one is paying attention. DJs trying to get “promo” for their mixtapes. That’s comedy to me. You only get the quality promotion by putting out a great project. Stop trying to “get on blogs”, “get a review”, “get on MTV”, “get an interview”, get get get. You build your fan base, you build your catalog and you stay consistent and all of that will come to you. No form of “promotion” or a publicist will get you to the next level. Your work and only your work will get you their…act accordingly. Stop sending out a million fucking email blast. I got it the first time fam. Now you fucking with my blackberry and got my shit going off for all types of unnecessary mamajahambo.

MCs. Where do I start? I’m not gonna tell you all the things you do wrong. Here’s what you need to do though. Be genuine. Be authentic. Be honest. Be thorough. Be able to use BCC when you send email blasts and last but not least….be YOURSELF.

Fuck that, stop spamming motherfuckers with that bullshit that be having me checking my blackberry when I’m 3rd lane whipping listening to some flyness! (that was Dimez again)

In conclusion, people. Get your shit together and start leading in whichever lane you occupy. There is too much talent in the mixtape community for things to be as bad as they have become. If you’re not empowered right now to lead in 2009, we don’t need you or your mixtapes. There is no room left for bosses, CEO’s, and presidents…only leaders. Which one are you?

Dimez & Big Chew

djcc | January 7, 2009 11:32 PM | Reply

another year …come and gone…

*squats… spreads buttcheeks apart gingerly…grunts…pinches off a steamy loaf*


DJ 2MELLO!!!!!!!!!!! | January 7, 2009 11:47 PM | Reply

This is some solid reading man. this made me take a good look at myself for real. Chew and Dimez i know i say it alot but yall already know what it is fellas.

MAF | January 8, 2009 12:17 AM | Reply

solid shit… could not be put better. that’s why i love rapmullet! can’t get more genuine than that!

DJ J-Ronin | January 8, 2009 6:11 AM | Reply

word to ya mother!!!

DJ Scarface beat Me , Diggz and Bedtyme!!!! Get the fuck outta here lol. Somebody needs a beating for that one!!!

LevarMTM | January 8, 2009 8:16 AM | Reply

Def. food for thought! Great summary!

OJ Loopz | January 8, 2009 8:32 AM | Reply

that was thoroughly depressing….but motivational too.

Tapemasta | January 8, 2009 8:41 AM | Reply

Ahhhh, 2 years in the hopefully certain djs will accountable for the stupid things they do & make those real mixtapes again.

2008 was a weak year for mixtapes, but there was some “jewels”, not too many though. 2009 can be a experiment or something great – there’s too many talented dj’s & rappers out here for the public to be getting alot of the weak shit from last year..New year, new plans !!

Dimez | January 8, 2009 10:22 AM | Reply

We appreciate the sentiment fellas and the show of support for Rapmullet. Look forward to a more promising year from us!

3b | January 8, 2009 11:09 AM | Reply

qq moar fgt

DJ G-Spot | January 8, 2009 11:21 AM | Reply

this was def a good read. shouts to dimez and chew

Jay | January 8, 2009 12:19 PM | Reply

People do FORGET that Dj Me$$iah was in that best underground dj category.

But thats besides the point



DJ 1Mic | January 8, 2009 4:15 PM | Reply


Flex Diamonds | January 8, 2009 6:08 PM | Reply

im glad i didnt drop anything last year, i moved back to ny i got to see what others r dying to see. i saw what dimez and chew go thru everyday i got good advise that lead me to my own radio show i got to see hard work from rapmullet

DJ J-Ronin | January 9, 2009 5:24 AM | Reply

Messiah was in Underground? Yeah ? Oh well, there is a reason why people forget. You gotta stand out and do something different. Cats like Diggz , myself and Bedtyme be doing that.

Who knows what will happen this year. I put out a lot of hot tapes since then

Kenny | January 9, 2009 7:50 PM | Reply

talking about problems doesn’t fix anything people got to get out there and do something about it.

Chew | January 9, 2009 8:23 PM | Reply

word? Rapmullet seems to be the only one DOING something about it. keep talking Kenny

djcc | January 10, 2009 12:31 AM | Reply

is that kenny “the gambler” rogers??


ILLSTRIP | January 11, 2009 11:54 AM | Reply

“How do you find who’s really got next and who deserves some shine?”

you keep digging … the grind never stops … 🙂



Christ Almighty IV | January 11, 2009 3:59 PM | Reply