Napoleon Suarez – American Scholar

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Welcome Napoleon Suarez to the Rapmullet review section. Dude hails from Philly and he’s also a Notre Dame graduate. Props to him for getting that degree, more cats need to follow in his footsteps off the strength of that accomplishment alone. Now you see how the title of the mixtape fits for him…a true American Scholar.

I’m loving the bass in the “Intro”, shit is smooth man. Mr. Suarez on that laid back shit with a proper flow. “That bachelor degree shit that college boys know”. He’s got some jewels on this one. I had high hopes for “Life’s A Big Parade” but it was disapointing when it came to the conent. Same ‘ol thing really, models, lime light in L.A., popping bottle in MIA, smoking weed ect. Some how I thought he was gonna tie it all in with the third verse and bring some “real life” to the mix but it never happened. I’ll tell you one thing, real life is not a big parade it’s a struggle and that’s what the people relate to. I can tell dudes not gonna get deep with it so it is what it is. “Long Ass Day” is some feel good shit, real polished…I can dig it. “Eastside High” is close to some real shit, the beat knocks for sure tho. “How We Do” is my favorite shit, I can’t front. That hook is infectious and the bars are well thought out too. The most insightful joint on here is “Can’t Get A Record Deal”…easily and the word play was proper as well.

The main thing I’m diggin’ with this mixtape is that the shit is 10 tracks long. That’s all you really need on some artist shit, no more-no less. If you can’t get your shit off in 10 tracks you need to put the MIC down and head back to the mall looking for white girls as a full time hustle. My expectations were high on dudes conent, I was expecting some insightful real life, been thu college, busted my ass type shit but it was really just more of that fly/flashy shit with a lil real life mixed in at a few spots. I’m not mad at it tho, Napoleon Suarez can rhyme and he has a good grasp of what his sound should be, props to him.