Nard & B Interview

Rapmullet: What’s good Nard and B? Introduce yourselves…let the people know who you are where you’re from and what u represent.

Nard: I’m all the way a GA nigga, I’m from a small city called Albany Ga. but I was raised in The Atlanta Area, Cobb co. to be exact. I’m still fuckin wit ya Cobb, since day 1

B: Originally I’m from Fayetteville, NC but I was raised on the Southside of Atlanta, Riverdale.

Rapmullet: First off tell us how 2 of you met and how you ended up being a team? How did you get started in the whole beat making game? Why not a rapper since everyone wants to hit the mic nowadays?

Nard: We meet in a bullshit computer engineering school

B: They were pushin niggas to be good at that Plan-B Shit. “You want to be a producer, but…” kinda shit and we both knew at the time that we ain’t need no Plan-B we are producers that’s the only plan.

Nard: We’re not knocking the engineering profession; it is what I did to get in the door to do what I’m doing now.

B: Yeah he turned out being a lot better at it than me and landed a job here at Grand Hustle, so I had to trench it out in fast-food for a minute, but it was all for the greater good because he held his word and held the door open for me and here we are, get ready.

Nard: We both used to rap. I produced and recorded mixtapes in high school in my basement with no booth just me and my niggas gridin putting hot shit together. Shout out to ADC and everybody that copped that Randomness at CHS. B still got some flow in em’ I here, he keep all his shit on lock but be on the look out he might pull a Kanye in this bitch.

B:………I got tired of producers keeping all the good beats and shit from local upstarts like myself so I was like fuck it, I’ll make my own shit twice as hot but free.

Rapmullet: Who would you say influenced you or which producer do you look up to? And why also how would you describe the Nard and B sound?

Nard: I look up to B. “LOL”

B: At first we were looking up to those spotlight producers you know the “take that” producers. All in the videos, on the hook, got drops and adlibs all over the song but that was back then. It’s not as much about how see us now, its do you feel us. Now we look more at the quality of the producers and say we gotta step our shit up which in return makes us better as a core.

Nard: man our sound is trench. If you on your grind then you gonna feel our shit. The only way you ain’t rockin along wit our beats is if your dead…yeah, it’s like that.

Both: Mannie.

Rapmullet: As we all know you produced a lot of tracks for Big Kuntry especially his lead single “That’s Right Ft TI”. How did you hook up with Kuntry? And who else have you produced tracks for. Do you remember the first beat you ever sold? Who was it to?

Nard: like B said, I was engineering at grand hustle and we had a production studio around the corner. Kuntry was in the studio recording (grand hustle) and was like I need some beats. I wasn’t blastin the fact that I was a producer but I gave him a few tracks and he was like that’s it, that’s my sound and the rest is history. We started fuckin wit him more and more and as a result I can honestly say that we (Nard&B;) have forced him to get better at his craft and he continues to this day to challenge us to get better at ours. So we are in a good spot with Kuntry. Big Shout to Kuntry cause he didn’t have to fuck wit us.

B: “That’s right” is crazy right now and we love the response that we are getting from it especially in the A. If you ain’t makin it at home then you ain’t gonna make it nowhere, we love you Atlanta for getting us to 2 on the radio keep callin’ and votin’ til we get that number 1 spot and if you ain’t heard it yet call the radio station and request that shit no matter where you at.

Nard: we did a lot of mixtape stuff, but there is a list of people out there…..Bubba Sparxx, Big Kuntry, Young Dro, New Grand Hustle Mr. Get Money; JR, B.G., Slick Pulla, Boyz –N-Da Hood, Mac Boney, Gucci mane, Rashad, Bun-B, T.I.P, etc…..

Both: the first beat we officially sold was Bubba Sparxx, every thing prior is not to be mentioned.

Rapmullet: Outside of Grand Hustle which 3 artists would u like to work with?

Both: Hands down Lil’ Wayne, Kellz when he come out of credit jack mode, we really want to work wit a lot of RnB artist, Jay-Z too

Rapmullet: Ok let’s step out of the box for a minute; tell us how you feel about mixtapes. Do you think as a producer mixtapes can be of any help to you? If you listen to mixtapes give us your top 5 mixtape dj’s and top 5 favorite mixtapes ever!! Which mixtape dj do you think will have next?

Nard: they are the life of the industry, the industry is the heart and mixtapes are the blood.

B: Mixtapes are how people get on, all you need is a song on a hot mix and that could do it. A&R;’s don’t have the time to go out to every open mic or talent show to look for new artist; mixtapes are one avenue to getting yourself heard.

Nard: Mixtapes are our thing, we did the Corporate Hustle and the phone has been ringing ever since. So if you feel that a mixtape can hurt a producer, that’s you. I’m not judging you but it ain’t did shit but keep us busy in the lab. Dj’s: Teknikz, Burn-one, Mlk & Scream, Smallz, and of Course Drama, I mean Dram. And 6th man has to be Khaled. Mixtapes: Trap or Die, Corporate Hustle, Welcome to the A-Town, In The Streets pt. 1-3, Down with the King.

Rapmullet: As far as production what equipment do you use? And do you make every beat together or do you also do your solo thing? What is your creative process like? Do you guys sample and build off of that? Are you smoking ten blunts to the head just fucking with some sounds and banging on the drum pads? What’s that vibe like in the studio with ya’ll?

Nard: The equivalent of about a mil in equipment on the computer. Lol. Don’t let anybody tell you your equipment makes your beats. You make your beats. When we are working most of the time both of us are there, even when we work separately we always have the other put they piece in cause we are a team, when the team is working together the team wins. So basically we feed off of each other. He is so serious wit the drums and I come through wit the melody or vice-versa, it’s always gonna be a team effort.

B: A new sound bank will get me going, I love getting new sounds.

Nard: we like to keep the vibe on chill in the studio. Get comfortable, get right and let the music flow. Where we at it’s a lot of random shit goin on but it’s all good cause it keeps us humble and focused on success.

Rapmullet: Switching it up Tell the people who you got on deck, what their working on and why people need to be checking for them. Do you have any artists signed or teaming up with you that we might not know of?

Both: Kuntry; he’s an underdog just like us.

Nard: T.I

B: Jr

Both: we got our own shit comin soon and when it does, it’s goin all the way down just watch.

Nard: Lookout for that Hottest Hurting Mixtape…..Coming soon

Rapmullet: How can a new producer educate themselves on the in’s and out’s of this business being on the outside looking in?

B: stay focused, a lot of people are gonna tell you about what you aren’t gonna do, fuck that keep a positive mind, stay focused and can’t nothing stop you.

Nard: stay on your grind, work wit what u got, if you use software, use the hell out of it, you use the machines crank it, do you.

Rapmullet: I know B gotta get on Nard’s nerves every now and then, hit a few creative slumps and stuff like that. What do you guys do to get away and clear your mind on your off days?

B: At the end of the day it’s good music over all. We are both trying to make good music so even when we see things differently we if the other has an idea that’s gonna make the music better, then we are gonna run wit it.

Rapmullet: I wanna thank ya’ll for taking time out today to answer some questions for the readers. Let the people know where they can hear your music, get in touch with you and what projects you got coming up.

Both: Keep ya eyes and ears open for that “Nard & B” and hit us up on