Neil Armstrong feat. DJ Steve 1-Der – The Certified Majestic Mixtape

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DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG is arguably one of my favorite DJ’s. He never fails to take you to another area with his blends. NEIL has created a lane for himself and he seldom puts on the signal to change lanes. I don’t know how many times I’ve stated that NEIL’S releases aren’t for everyone, but release after release, I swear he converts a few die hard “exclusive” mixtape fans when they allow themselves to enjoy something more than a voice attached to an extreme reverb.

When rappers become successful, they either start their own record label, or they put their people on. Rarely do the protégés live up to the success or expectations of their predecessors. So as I listened to “CERTIFIED MAJESTIC”, I for the life of me couldn’t understand why I kept hearing the “1-DER” drop. I didn’t have the cover and NEIL had advertised the release as his own, or at least that’s what he said when he text me to meet him at TRIPLE 5 SOUL to scoop a copy.

The 5th PLATOON veteran unleashed his protégé STEVE 1-DER on the public and I have to say that he truly lives up to and exceeds expectations. Mimicry is a horrible quality, but when it results in some hot shit, I say “mimic all fucking day”! The blending is along the lines of a typical NEIL ARMSTRONG joint, but 1-DER sets himself apart with pure skill. Dude cuts more than your local street pharmacist with a fresh package of that raw.

There are some points when “CERTIFIED MAJESTIC” drags or when a particular track seems like it goes on forever, but the good far outweighs the bad. “VIVA LA MILKSHAKE” is “booger sugar” for real. The way 1-DER brings in the KELIS is pure genius. I thought shit couldn’t get any better, until he blends KELIS with “WHITE LINES”. I might be going back to far for some of you, but when “JUST GOT PAID” dropped, I knew dude was taking his craft to a new level.

1-DER is a breath of fresh air in the mixtape game just like his mentor and I love the fact that he’s chosen to express himself with his hands and not with his mouth. On the RAPMULLET message board, someone posted an article by SICAMORE that proclaimed the mixtape game over! I think SIC is far from informed. The game isn’t over, cats just choose to listen to the same redundant bullshit that CANAL street has been blessing us with for ages. Cheer “CERTIFIED MAJESTIC”, because the game needs some variety!